How To Buy A Domain Name & Start A WordPress Blog (In Under 5 Minutes)

Want to know a RIDICULOUSLY easy way to buy a domain name and start a WordPress blog in under 5 minutes? Then you’re in for a treat because Bluehost makes it super EASY to do both with their “one click WordPress installation.”

How easy is this you ask? It’s as easy as pie 🙂

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Need help buying your domain name and starting your own blog with Bluehost? No problem! Continue reading below for the step-by-step tutorial I put together for you – FREE.

(Why are you getting this tutorial for free? Here’s why: If you signup for Bluehost through my affiliate link, I earn a small commission. So instead of you paying me for these instructions, it’s like Bluehost is paying me instead. Cool right? Plus, I understand how hard it was doing this when I first got started online, so this step-by-step tutorial is here to make things way easier for you.)

Step 1: Click The Orange Sign Up Now Button!

Easy as pie. Once you click my Bluehost affiliate link, click “Sign Up Now!”

how to buy a domain name

Step 2: Type In An Available Domain Name – Then Click Next

This is where you type in your desired domain name. If your domain name isn’t available, try again until you find something you like (make sure the spelling is correct). Once you’ve found an available domain name, I’d highly recommend sticking with a .com domain extension as it’s the most popular domain extension available.

domain name registration

Step 3: Enter Your Account Information (Yes, a credit card is required. Web hosting isn’t free)

This is where you’ll fill out your account information. Yes, web hosting is a paid service, but it’s as inexpensive as your monthly cellphone bill. It’s totally worth it though, so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

affordable web hosting

As soon as you get to this page, you’ll notice the section titled “Package Information.” These add-ons do cost extra, but I highly recommend them because:

  • Whois Privacy keeps your personal information private and secure. This is a MUST have if you want to protect yourself from “internet trolls” who want your information for various reasons. Trust me, they’re out there.
  • Backup Pro is something I also highly recommend due to the fact that it’s affordable – $19.99 per year – and having some insurance to back your website up should it decide to self destruct (no your computer isn’t going to explode) is excellent for restoring all of your hard work.

Get Your BlueHost Account Setup Right Here*
No hidden fees. Free Instant Setup. Anytime money-back guarantee.

Step 4: Create A Password (The easiest way to create your password below)

Now it’s time to create your password. The best passwords always contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols, numbers, and are at least 8 characters long.

create your website password

Once you click the link that says “Create your password.” you’ll be redirect to the page shown below:

password generator

Now you can enter your password. Once you’ve created your unique password, make sure you write it down and save it somewhere in case you forget it.

Step 5: Login to Your Bluehost Account – You’re Almost Done!

Enter your domain or username, and the password you just created. Click the green Login button.

bluehost login

Step 6: Create Your WordPress Blog In Less Than 1 Minute…

How’s everything so far? Pretty easy right?! Here’s where you create your own blog in less than a minute using Bluehost’s awesome “one click WordPress installation.” It’s seriously only going to take you about 60 seconds and then your blog will be created!

Get Your BlueHost Account Setup Right Here*
No hidden fees. Free Instant Setup. Anytime money-back guarantee.

First, navigate to your control panel under Hosting > cPanel.

Now scroll down a tad bit and then click on the WordPress icon. See image below for further visual instructions:

start your own wordpress blog

Once you click on the WordPress icon, you’ll be redirect to another page, scroll down again and then click on the WordPress icon one more time. See image below for further visual instructions:

bluehost wordpress setup

Once you’ve completed that step, you’re going to be redirected one more time, then all you have to do is click “Install” and you’re pretty much almost done. See image below:

bluehost wordpress installation

Now you have to configure your WordPress settings. If I was starting a brand new website and a brand new domain name, I’d install WordPress directly into my new root directory. Basically this means that you leave the box (after your domain name in Step 1) blank.

Furthermore, it’s best that you type in your site title as well. Oh and one more thing, uncheck all of those extra plugins and themes, you aren’t going to need them.

Check the screenshot below for visuals:

wordpress installation preferences

**Please Note** For whatever reason Bluehost isn’t a fan of this setting, so you’ll get redirected to another page that’s going to ask you if you want to overwrite your core files in that current directory. Only, and I repeat only, if this is a brand new website, the answer is going to be yes. Once again, be sure to uncheck all of the extra plugins and themes as you won’t be needing them.

overwrite core files

I promise, you’re really almost done! You’re going to be be redirected to a page saying that your WordPress site is being installed!

wordpress installation progress

Wait for it…. Wait for it…

BOOOM! Your WordPress blog is officially live!

new wordpress blog


You can now type in your domain into your web browsers url address bar, and your brand new WordPress blog will show up.

How easy was that? Pretty easy right?! 🙂

Get Your BlueHost Account Setup Right Here*
No hidden fees. Free Instant Setup. Anytime money-back guarantee.