How to Face Your Fear of Success

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Fear of Success: Fear NothingWe all have different ideas of what success is. To a single mother, success might be having enough gas in the car to get her kids to school on time.

A heroin addict might go through an entire day without having their “fix” and dub that as a success. Success is defined through the mind of the individual and therefore there is no clear definition of success that is right or wrong.

More commonly, however, the general public refers to success as having a lot of money or possessing expensive material things. There’s this notion going on that if we can acquire vast amounts of money then we to will become successful. We long for the beach house in Southern California, the brand new Lamborghini, and let’s not forget the leer jet to travel as we please. But if these material objects and money is what we define as success, then why are we afraid of it? Why are the things we want so bad what we are most afraid of having?

We Are Not Afraid of Success

The answer lies in the fear of process: we do not fear success but instead fear the process of success. We fear the work it takes to get the house, cars, and luxury lifestyle that most people only dream of. We fear our family and friends laughing at our ideas and ambitions. We fear failing in the public eye and having no where to hide or no one to blame but ourselves.

These are the self-limiting beliefs that we put on ourselves that lead us to believe that this “fear of success” is actually real and alive. When in fact it is only real because of the conscious and unconcious decision to make it real. It’s as if the fire that is burning us, the fear of success, is fueled by our own beliefs and nothing and no one else.

Create A New Fear

Understand: the fear of success does not exist so long as we believe it does not. Choosing to believe in something has very powerful effects that can shift the entire direction of your life. So in order to channel this energy to rid yourself of this fear of process that leads to success, you must use this fear to create a new fear – the fear of not doing the process.

Imagine what your life will become if you do not follow through with the process of becoming successful and you will have developed a new fear that ironically brings you closer to your goals. No longer will you be afraid of success but instead will be afraid of avoiding the process itself. You will want to live the process of becoming successful out of fear of what you will become if you don’t follow through.

Learn to appreciate and enjoy the repetitiveness of your now to enjoy the luxuries of your later.

Water Your Seed, Drown Your Fear

Finally, become inspired by the success of others. If you have a few minutes, check out this video of Tyler Perry 🙂

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