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Regal Assets Affiliate Journey: January 2014 Progress Report

by Chris Altamirano|Follow Him on Twitter Here


When I decided to start building my gold site back in November 2013, I hadn’t heard of Regal Assets nor ever had any interest in promoting a gold type offer. But after a couple of months of researching the company and now learning about Gold IRAs, 401ks, and other cool investment option stuff – I’m actually loving it. [click to continue…]


New Years Resolutions 2014

It’s that time of year again where we all psychologically start at square one again. Quite honestly new years is just another day. Yes, we celebrate going into a New Year, but honestly the next day is a Wednesday.. and who ever gave Wednesday’s any good credit?

I too was once like you, making funny New Year’s resolutions that I thought I was going to obtain. Here’s the post I wrote last year. While I was able to attain some of those goals, a majority of them were not even close to being reached. [click to continue…]


Have you ever wanted to help someone out really bad, but for whatever reason you knew that your helping them wouldn’t really help them at all? Everyone needs help at something, so it’s a no brainer that if you’re great at something, that you’d want to give them a hand.

As the founder of, I preach and pride myself on teaching internet marketing strategies that actually work.. and some that don’t… which is okay because the faster you fail, the faster you learn, so I guess you really are learning something either way. [click to continue…]


Working On Yourself

We hear it all the time from our parents or have even heard it from one of our peers. “Go to school, get good grades, climb the corporate ladder and work your way up to the top! Then you’ll be successful!”

While this advice was once valuable, it now seems as if it doesn’t apply anymore. I had a friend who went straight from Cal Poly and then landed a job at Apple. FREAKING APPLE! At first he was stoked and couldn’t wait to pursue this exciting new career.. but you know what happened? [click to continue…]


3 Powerful Lessons From A Stay At Home Blogger

by Chris Altamirano|Follow Him on Twitter Here

Figuring out who you are while building a profitable online business is tough to do – at least for me. See, every single day of my life I would start my day the exact same way and maybe you’ve done the same thing yourself.

Wake up when you want, make a breakfast that consisted of bacon, bacon, and uhmmm yeah… more bacon. Let’s not forget the eggs, toast, and glass of orange juice, milk or coffee.

But hey I was my own boss right? [click to continue…]