Simple Freedom System Review and Inside Look

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In July 2014, internet marketing veterans Franco Gonzalez, John Chatman, and George Briere came out with a brand new marketing system that would revolutionize the network marketing industry. They call it: Simple Freedom.

In this Simple Freedom review, we’re going to go straight into the nuts and bolts of what you’re going to get on the inside. As you know, here on I only write reviews on products and courses that I’ve actually personally used myself.

It makes absolutely no sense to write a review and recommend something to you that is absolute crap. With that being said, let’s get right into the review! 😀

What Is The Simple Freedom System?


**How the members area looks on the inside. Awesome right?!**

The Simple Freedom marketing system is an internet marketing styled system that is designed for network marketers. Network marketing is by far one of the greatest opportunities of all time. It gives the average John or Jane Doe the opportunity to gain financial freedom through leveraging peer groups and earning commissions from direct sales.

The problem was this: it was nearly impossible to build an organization outside of your city (or state) unless you were spending hundreds to thousands of dollars sending out direct mail of placing newspaper and magazine advertisements. And even then, those types of advertisements can’t be measured as well as advertisements placed on the internet. It’s safe to say that most traditional network marketers were chasing their tails.

Simple Freedom was designed to hybrid two of the most profitable industries to date: network marketing and internet marketing.

Here Are The Benefits

The internet is a tool in today’s digital world. While traditional network marketing tactics are still very effective, success loves speed. And let’s face it, chasing friends and family members, cold prospecting in your city, doing invite calls all day on the phone, preparing hotel meetings and home events, etc just takes way too long.

Are these methods still effective? Absolutely. Is it faster than the internet? Not a chance.

Here are some benefits of the system:

  • Learn how to prospect using Facebook
  • Learn the skill of email marketing to build relationships
  • Learn the art of perfecting your invite online
  • Learn how to build teams in different states
  • Duplicate your organization without having to train everyone individually
  • Never cold call again
  • Have access to traffic at the click of a button
  • Much, much, more…

Is Anyone Else Seeing Results?

Andy Weir recently posted this Facebook Status in the Team Facebook Group. Here’s what he had to say:


“Good evening Simple Freedom Family…. Just wanted to share some wonderful results with you from my first share from the Simple Freedom Co-Op traffic. Out of the 200 clicks I got 90 leads. WOW! That is a 45% optin rate… YES. Let me just say hats off to Franco Gonzalez, John Chatman, and George Briere for this wonderful all in one system and if you do not have at least 1 share in this Co-Op… Get one RIGHT NOW… Got to run.. I have 90 leads to follow up with… :)”

While Andy had some amazing results, he took action and made things happen. He invested in himself and is taking the initiative to grow his online business. These results certainly aren’t typical. But if you don’t want typical results, Don’t be typical! Work on your business and your business will work for you.

How Much Does The System Cost?

The beauty of this system, is it’s 100% FREE to create your own account and get access to the exact same training that Andy Weir got. If you’re ready to create your free account, click this link here. Why is it free? It’s simple. Franco, John, and George knew how it felt to pay thousands of dollars for “guru” marketing training only to come up empty handed and with no support.

They understood the pain and frustrations that come along with purchasing expensive internet marketing courses. Franco Gonzalez has actually been marketing online for 14 years but didn’t start seeing real results online until year 9! He and the rest of the team want to save you a lot of time, energy, and money.

The training on the inside is awesome, real people (just like you) are getting real results online, and you’re going to get all of the tools, resources and training to help you finally succeed online.

 VIDEO: Simple Freedom System Review

Check out this video review I did for more information. I go step-by-step within the system to show you exactly what you’ll be getting before you make the decision to create your free account. If you like what you see, be sure to create your free account so we can partner up and work together.

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    Hi,I have a simple qustieon and it concerns those who are new and trying to get over the steep learning curve of just making thinks click to finally making sales or just flat out making money. Where can a newbie start?


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