The Ultimate Tesla Themes Review

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Welcome to The Ultimate Tesla Themes Review! You’re in for quite a treat as this review is going to be evergreen. This means that every time Tesla Themes comes out with a brand new premium WordPress theme, an in depth review will drop here on this post!

Whether you’re brand new to creating a WordPress blog, are just looking for a new theme for your existing one, or heard about Tesla Themes and just want to do your research before you make a buying decision – you’re in the right place!

Tesla Themes Review Criteria

Each theme reviewed is going to be based on style, user accessibility, and will then receive an overall grade from A to F. A being the highest grade and F being the lowest grade.

Each theme will be reviewed with one-hundred percent transparency to ensure that you’re getting the best possible information before making your decision to join Tesla Themes.

If nothing else, whether you decide to join Tesla Themes or not, I hope that you get the most value possible from this post and can become a bit more educated on WordPress themes in general. Enjoy the reviews! 😀

Downtown – Restaurant WordPress Theme


If you’re in the restaurant business or are a web designer looking to build a website for one of your clients, the Downtown Theme may be the right theme for you.

When first looking at this theme I’m absolutely taken away by the images and the web 2.0 feel. If there’s one thing I can say from my own experience, it’s that most restaurants websites I’ve visited have a lot of random tabs.

This restaurant WordPress theme by Tesla Themes is appealing to the eye, yet straight to the point. It’s beautiful to look at but at the same time has the main links at the top of the page (Menu, Chef Staff, Reservation, Location)

Style: I’m loving the overall style and design of the downtown theme. The logo is dead center and can be easily read. Scrolling through the website is enjoyable. I’m loving the layout.

User Accessibility: The links located at the top of the page makes navigation for any hungry client easy to find. I love that there’s a reservation integration system, as well as a contact page that also has a map of where the restaurant is located. Knowing where to go when you’re hungry is extremely important haha.

Overall: It’s a no brainer to give this theme an A+.  I believe that every business should have some form to collect their clients information (email, name, phone number) to further offer their services. But that’s nothing a WordPress plugin couldn’t handle. Just wish it was already integrated within the theme. Other than that this theme is amazing. Great job from the folks over at Tesla Themes.

Click Here To Demo The Downtown Restaurant WordPress Theme <<

Hotelia – Hotel WordPress Theme

hotelia-hotel-wordpress-themeLooking for a hotel WordPress theme that actually functions? If so, then Hotelia theme may be right for you. At first glance, you’ll see what any hotel shopper wants to see – a search bar!

This is perfect for anyone looking to eliminate the confusion of coding an index of hotel rooms and availability. Premium WordPress themes like Hotelia are hard to come across sometimes so it’s nice to see this one at such an affordable price.

Hotelia also comes with a really awesome screen that loads a streaking line across the screen when each page is loading. The video featuring the hotel really gives a nice aesthetic feel to the site that most other sites just don’t have. I thin this would be especially attractive to any guest looking for a room. (Presentation is everything!)

Style: The style of the Hotelia theme is second to none. Usually when you see a hotel website like travelocity or hotels dot com, you’ll see that they have an ugly looking search box full of information to fill in. Hotelia gives you a clean look and feel that any user would enjoy. Tesla Themes has even embedded stylish tile effects that are sure to please the eye.

User Accessibility: As sleek looking as this theme is I did get a bit confused on the room search. At one point the page loaded back to what looked like the original search box but I eventually found my way back. I do still think the website is easy to navigate and use but it could be a bit better.

Overall: Overall I’d have to give Hotelia theme a B+. What I really loved was that this theme came with a blog section along with a hotel restaurant page that is awesome. It almost combines two themes in one with that feature and it really stood out. There’s even a testimonial page of reviews from previous users that is sure to draw attention!

Click Here To Demo The Hotelia Hotel WordPress Theme <<

Magellan – Travel WordPress Theme



The Magellan travel WordPress theme is definitely one of a kind. This theme is going to best if you’re looking to start up a travel blog, travel agency, setup a booking site, and even a tour operating site.

From the start you’re attracted by the vibrant colors and easy to navigate booking portal on the right. After entering some random information I got lost but I think that’s because the demo version isn’t set up properly. So I just clicked the submit button with the empty fields and was taken to an awesome page that showed my destinations.

Aesthetically speaking this is a really cool WordPress theme. They’ve got a weather functionality within the theme so you can pull in the weather from any location.

Some of the awesome features include but are not limited to: responsive design to fit desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Built in short codes for creating awesome customizations like buttons, pricing, etc. There’s also Google Maps integration and much more.

Style: I absolutely love the style of this particular theme. If I had a choice of how all travel websites would look, this would not be a bad starting point. One thing I really loved was that once you clicked into a destination, there was a box below that showed a tour description, reviews of the destination, and even a photos tab to see photos from the actual tour. This was a great touch.

User Accessibility: As I mentioned earlier, I did get a bit confused on the booking portal part but again that was probably because I only viewed the demo version. Aside from that minor confusion the site is very easy to navigate and I think any tourist or traveler would have an easy time navigating the site.

Overall: Magellan gets a B+ grade because the home page was a bit over done in the demo version. I feel that most travel wordpress themes all fall under this same category. However, with total control over the theme, you can keep it more simple.. at least that’s my personal preference when looking to travel. Nevertheless, this is certainly a great theme to use if you’re looking to setup some sort of travel website.

Click Here To Demo Magellan Travel WordPress Theme <<

Sportify – GYM/Fitness WordPress Theme


Looking to start a fitness blog or gym website? If so, the Sportify gym/fitness WordPress Theme may be right for you. This is definitely an ideal WordPress theme that integrates information, style, and an online storefront all in one to sell gym apparel or third party gear as an affiliate.

From the moment you visit the website you’re struck with an awesome image of Nike’s and a message you can’t miss. It definitely made me want to click on the image to see where I would go next. Next up you have the standard menu bar at the very top which is always a great tool for navigation.

One thing that I really enjoyed was the scheduling. If you check out the tab that says timeline you’ll find that you can input your own calendar of events for specific training classes. Then when you click each category, it will populate the calendar for that specific training. It’s an awesome way to organize your calendar of training sessions so that you don’t have people calling your gym (or your clients gym) to consistently check the training schedule.

Another awesome feature is the trainer tab. This gives you profiles of each trainer and their background. So if you’re running a gym and want to list the available trainer profiles, you an easily do so with a few simple steps. Last but not least is the store tab. This is really impressive considering the fact that you have a website with a blog and storefront.

Instead of selling all of your gear inside of your establishment you can easily have visitors check out your online store to do all of their shopping. This is definitely something you don’t see everyday with any other fitness WordPress themes.

Style: The style on the Sportify WordPress theme is undeniably awesome. This theme will surely attract any visitors eye, although I worry about how it will load when users with a slower internet connection visit just because of all of the images and flash that needs to be loaded. Other than that the red, black, and grey combination make for a stunning theme.

User Accessibility: To be honest (and that’s why you’re here) I was a bit confused at times when going from page to page. With all of the images acting as fillers, I was almost overwhelmed at times and found myself clicking around a lot to see where I would go next. This can be looked at as bad or good. Confused user or engaged user? You pick. This can be easily fixed when you customize the website.

Overall: I’m really digging the Sportify theme. It’s got the visual aesthetics that any website owner would want – digital curb appeal if you would. Then there’s the awesome calendar that makes scheduling easy. The trainer profiles were on point and the storefront was just the icing on the cake. Most business owners don’t have a blog so it’s nice to see one integrated with this theme as well. While I did get confused I think that was just Tesla Themes over staging the theme itself. Sportify gets a B rating. If I had to change one thing, it would be to lose all of the filler images and keep things a little more simple. You want your visitors to know where they’re going on your website when looking for a piece of specific information.

Click Here To Demo The Sportify Gym/Fitness WordPress Theme <<

Yopta – Creative WordPress Theme

yopta-creative-wordpress-themeThe Yopta Creative WordPress Theme isn’t for everyone. In fact, after checking the entire theme out I’d say it’s geared more towards a business, digital information product, your everyday blog, or even a photography based person.

To be quite honest with you I wasn’t that impressed with this WordPress theme. I’m here to give you the best possible information possible when it comes to reviewing Tesla Theme’s and for me this theme just isn’t as caliber as the rest of the themes offered by Tesla.

The header of the website doesn’t flow well with the featured slider, then you find yourself scrolling down and honestly getting bored. There’s almost too much information on this theme for any user to soak up. Of course you can simplify things and customize it to your liking but the staging was just way off.

Style: Aesthetically speaking the Yopta WordPress Theme is a quality theme. It’s got all the bells and whistles but personally I feel that sometimes that can be too much. Unless of course you’re going for a visually entertaining website then I guess it’s ok. The style on this theme is definitely great nonetheless.

User Accessibility: The standard navigation bar at the top of the theme makes it very easy to navigate once you click into an actual blog page. However, navigating around the website from the landing page (home) is very confusing. You have your option to have 1 column with 1 sidebar or up to 4 columns. There’s even a full width option which would be very nice to browser through if you were running a portfolio website displaying your work. Overall the accessibility could be better but it’s certainly not the worst I’ve seen.

Overall: Overall I wouldn’t consider Yopta to be a premium WordPress theme. You can definitely find a better theme on Tesla Themes. Yopta gets a C at best.

Click Here to Demo Yopta Creative WordPress Theme <<

Sevenfold – Multipurpose WordPress Theme


If clean, modern, and responsive web design is your thing then the Sevenfold theme may be the theme you’re looking for. Created as a Multipurpose WordPress Theme, Sevenfold is packed with an awesome slider and even includes a drag & drop form builder which allows you to easily create web forms on your site without need to know any of that complicated coding.

This particular theme, like all other themes on the Tesla Framework, has a responsive design which means it was created with desktops, laptops, tablets and phones in mind. So no matter what type of website you build, you’re viewers will surely get the best user experience possible.

At first glance you’re hit with a stunning slider that can display your product or service. What’s even cooler is that the top of the website has static contact information always available for your visitor to see. Research has shown that websites with contact information readily available have higher conversion rates. So if you’re selling a product or service, this is definitely a must have.

The blog section is very clean on the Sevenfold theme but I would have liked to see font size a bit bigger. This is something that can easily be changed once inside of the Tesla Theme framework.

Style: The style on the Sevenfold theme is absolutely awesome. One thing I would consider however before going ahead with this theme, is being a bit realistic with your image usage. Tesla Themes is of course using professional grade images which is better for presentation purposes. So if you’re considering this theme, you may also want to consider professional grade royalty free photos from Flickr or Getty Images.

User Accessibility: Since this websites front page is optimized to convert sales, it’s pretty self explanatory. The header at the top with the quick access links make navigation super easy.

Overall: This web theme gets a B rating. I would have liked to see some sort of subscription/lead capture form but I’m sure this is something that can be added with a third party WordPress plugin.

 Click Here To Demo The Sevenfold Multipurpose WordPress Theme <<

 Zero – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

zero-wordpress-theme If you are big into photography, blogging, or business then have a look and see if the Zero WordPress Theme is the right choice for you. Not only is this premium WordPress theme packed with features that will spice up your website, it also has a minimalist feel and responsive design to adapt to all devices.

So whether you’re into animation for your site or just like simplicity, the Zero theme a phenomenal Multipurpose WordPress Theme to start building your web presence. At first glance you’re going to love what you’re looking at.

What’s awesome about the Zero theme is that you have the option to create 1 page websites or multiple pages. You can even embed awesome video backgrounds to give your website a cinematic feel.

There’s so much you can do with this websites that calling this a multipurpose WordPress theme doesn’t do it any justice. The possibilities are endless as long as you have an imagination.

Style: The style of this theme really varies depending on what you’re going to be using it for. If you’re going to use it for business then you would go with the 1 page layout. From that standpoint the style possibilities are endless. The framework itself is phenomenal. If you’re going for a multipage feel, the styles are still amazing. There’s a lot of little animations that can be included that will certainly turn any ordinary blog into an extraordinary blog.

User Accessibility: Whenever I review websites with lots of animation, they tend to be a bit confusing to navigate. However, with the Zero theme, the navigation couldn’t be any more simple. Your users will have a wonderful experience browsing your website when you choose to build a website with Zero.

Overall: A+ grade because it simply deserves it. If there’s ever been a theme that is flawless, this is definitely it. Heck I may even switch my layout! It’s that good! Don’t believe me?…

Click Here To Demo The Zero Multipurpose WordPress Theme <<

Zeon – eCommerce WordPress Theme


Looking for an easy to use theme to set up your online store front? If so, check out the Zeon eCommerce WordPress Theme. Packed with everything you would ever need, Zeon Theme is clean, bold, and has all the bells and whistles you need to sell your products online.

It’s even fully compatible with WooCommerce – the most popular premium eCommerce WordPress plugin available. When you integrate Zeon theme with WooCommerce, you’ll have awesome features such as: shopping cart, product management, shipping, payment gateways, orders, and much more.

You also have your choice of having up to 5 different styled home pages. The functionality of the shopping carts is awesome. I went through the checkout process and was blown away. You have the option to look at multiple images, view your shopping cart, process payments easily, there’s even a PayPal integration. This eCommerce theme definitely has it all. Did I mention it’s responsive?

Style: There were a few home page styles I liked and a few I wasn’t so fond of. However, consider the fact that Amazon isn’t some flashy website, it makes millions of dollars in sales. With that being said, this theme is optimized for conversions so the style suits it well.

User Accessibility: The accessibility from the blog section, to the shopping cart is awesome. Regardless of which page your visitor is on they will always have a clear indicator of what’s in their shopping cart. This is a great feature, especially if your users navigate away from their primary shopping pages.

Overall: Zeon theme gets a grade of an A. The theme has a great balance of style and functionality that is sure to bring any product more sales based on design alone. Highly recommend this theme to any aspiring or current business owner looking to boost sales online.

Click Here To Demo Zeon eCommerce WordPress Theme <<

Lovers – Music WordPress Theme


Have a passion for music? If so, you’re definitely going to love the Lovers Music WordPress Theme. This theme is packed with a music player (flash and HTML support, mobile devices ready), 6 custom posts, 8 page templates, custom widgets and social media support and more.

Lovers is a Music WordPress Theme with clean, bold, responsive design and a wide set of advanced features to power your music related website. With a clean design that’s stylish yet bold, this is certainly a unique way to present your music in a unique way.

Whether you’re running a music blog, event website, band site or for a musician, this is the theme for your music needs. It’s even fully responsive so it’s perfectly formatted for all devices.

Style: While the style is certainly unique I’m not a huge fan of the clutter. It seems to be a bit overdone but I’m sure you can reduce this within the Tesla Framework. Other music websites that I’ve seen do a much better job of keeping it simple while still integrating the music player. Aside from the clutter, the style is still well done.

User Accessibility: There is a sidebar on the left that acts as the primary sidebar. This makes it super easy to navigate throughout the website. Users shouldn’t have any issue finding their way around the website. What’s cool as well is that there’s a static music player on the bottom of the website. What I would like to see is the music player not reload while navigating around pages. Other music sites I’ve seen have accomplished this feat, I’m sure Tesla Themes can work on this a bit more before it’s perfected.

Overall: Bold and sleek in design but still not the best Music WordPress Theme I’ve seen. Lovers theme receives a C grade. Don’t agree with me, have a look for yourself by clicking the Demo link below.

Click Here To Demo The Lovers Music WordPress Theme <<

Biznex – Business WordPress Theme

biznex-wordpress-themeIf you’re running an agency, small business, corporate site, etc., then the Biznex WordPress Theme may be exactly what you’re looking for. IT has everything you need from fixed navigation, custom posts, built-in short codes, Google fonts and maps, and much more.

The design is responsive so it’s built to fit on every device from desktops, tablets, to mobile phones. The beautiful layout let’s you set up a single customer page or multiple pages for your business website. This is truly an all-in-one business WordPress theme that’s clean, modern, responsive and beautifully designed.

Style: The style of this theme is freaking awesome. The single page layout is really cool since your visitors can click the static navigation links and it will zoom down to a specific section of the page. When using the multipage layout the feature isn’t as cool but it still has some awesome animation effect. If you’re going to go with this theme then make sure to get professional grade images to match your expectations of how you want your site to look. Quality is going to count! The Google maps integration is a niche touch as well.

User Accessibility: I could see how on the single page layout a visitor may get confused with all of the random animation. Or maybe they would get lost after scrolling too far down the page, however there’s a really cool arrow to the right that your visitor can click that will zoom them back to the top of the page. This is especially good for someone who’s not too computer savvy. User accessibility is awesome.

Overall: If you’re looking to start a business website that represents your brand or company well, this is definitely the theme to check out. The style, user accessibility, and blog sections were phenomenal. No complaints on this one, the Biznex Business WordPress Theme gets an A+ grade!

Click Here To Demo The Biznex Business WordPress Theme <<

Novelty – Magazine WordPress Theme

novelty-wordpress-themeAre you a blogger looking for a Magazine Style WordPress Theme? If so, the Novelty WordPress Theme may be just what you’re looking for to help organize your content in a sleek presentable way.

Packed with a wide range of awesome features like a featured image slider, featured posts, widgets, social media integration and much more, Novelty Them uses the power of the Tesla Framework to power your content on the web.

So if you run a magazine styled website or just have a very content rich design, Novelty Theme is a premium WordPress theme that definitely over delivers with it’s bold, sharp, and modern design.

Plus, it’s fully responsive, meaning it can fit to size on any device, and it’s even WPML ready – which means your website can be multilingual. Just in case you need to reach a wider audience with your content!

Style: Definitely one of the more optimized themes that Tesla Themes has to offer. Right from the get go I’m loving that there is an option for users to OPT-IN! 😀 All of the other themes thus far have yet to offer that, which is totally cool considering you can upload your own third party WordPress plugin. However, having the opt-in integrated within the theme was a phenomenal touch by the Tesla themes crew. Additionally, you really sense the boldness and overall professionalism of the theme.

There are even 4 different types of grid views for you to display your content. My personal favorite on the demo version is the Sports Grid view. All-in-all the style of the Novelty Theme is second to none. The social media icons are ever present and it’s as simplistic of a website as you would want to have. Well done!

User Accessibility: Very simple to navigate from the perspective of a magazine style theme. Users simply click on headings and images to navigate into posts. If a user gets lost or confused with this design, you should probably consider writing for a different audience. This theme is very EASY to navigate as it should be.

Overall: Overall I LOVE the novelty theme but I would loved to see some related posts just below the article instead of in the footer area. Hopefully this is something that can be changed just to keep user engagement to a high and the bounce rate at a low. Overall we give Novelty Theme a B+.

Click Here To Demo The Novelty Magazine WordPress Theme <<

iCook – Food/Recipe WordPress Theme

icook-wordpress-themeProclaimed as a stylish Food and Recipe WordPress Theme, the iCook Theme was designed for those exact purposes. While it does have a clean, modern design, I find it quite boring.

While there is a stylish recipe gallery tab, where you can put your various recipe/food thumbnails, those thumbnails are just for show. They don’t even link back to the initial blog post where you would have your recipe.

I will however say that I did like that there is an awesome shortcode integration to show the most popular recipes (based on views), this way your visitor has a better understand of which recipe they can start at.

Style: The style on this recipe WordPress Theme is very plain. If you take a look at websites like FoodNetwork, AllRecipes, or even Epicurious – you’ll notice that while these sites have an element of simplicity, their is still color to keep the user engaged. This theme just didn’t do it for me.

User Accessibility: Again it is a very simple theme. If you’re a minimalist then this theme will be very well suited for you. Your visitors will definitely find their way around the website with ease but I don’t think they’ll stay for very long.

Overall: Does the iCook theme do the job? Yes. Would I recommend it as a premium recipe WordPress theme? No. I think you can find much better recipe based themes elsewhere, or could even re-purpose another Tesla Theme around the Food/Recipe niche. Disagree with me.. click the link below for a demo and see for yourself. Overall the iCook theme gets a C grade.

Click Here To Demo The iCook Food/Recipe WordPress Theme <<

Display – Creative WordPress Theme

display-creative-wordpress-themeLooking for a Creative WordPress Theme that has all the bells and whistles? If so, the Display Theme powered by the Tesla Framework may be the right choice for you!

Packed with tons of style, you’ll love taking full advantage of it’s awesome effects and transitions. It even comes with 7 custom widgets, 12 custom posts, build-in shortcodes, and Slider Revolution ($15 value) for all your transition/effect needs.

This premium WordPress theme can be best used for a simple blog, creative agency, small business, or even a photography site to display your portfolio in a neat and elegant way.

Style: When a visitor lands on your website they should be immediately engage – the display theme hits the nail on the head. As soon as you land on the page you’re met with some awesome visual effects, thanks to the Slider Revolution plugin. If you don’t want to use that, you can use the standard slider which is just as appeasing to look at. Furthermore, there’s always an option to create a static home page or if you want, to display your blog posts on the front page. Regardless, the design of this theme is sure to impress.

User Accessibility: Accessibility wise I had a bit of a difficult time when navigating down the main demo page. It looked an all-in-one type of home page which displayed all pages fluidly down the page. While this was cool, I had a bit of information overload rise over me. This is something I personally don’t like but you can take a look and see what you like best about it for yourself. Aside from that, the tabs can be easily navigated to jump from page to page. The contact page is an awesome touch with the Google maps integration as well.

Overall: Overall we’ll give Display theme a B-. I’m not a huge fan of the everlasting static home pages that keep going down forever and ever. While I know this was probably done to display all of the features, it would have been nice to see something more well put together. Perhaps you can do this when you pick the theme up yourself! 😀 The blog post page was awesome. It’s always good to see a full width single blog post. Excellent creative wordpress theme, highly recommend it so long as you’re willing to make a few tweaks!

Click Here To Demo The Display Creative WordPress Theme <<

Universe – Multipurpose WordPress Theme


If you’re looking for a Multipurpose WordPress Theme that has a clean, modern, and responsive design – then the Universe Theme may be just what you’re looking for.

Jam packed with an awesome slider with nifty transition effects and custom widgets, you’re sure to get a good use and create an awesome website with this web theme.

Who is this theme best for? If you’re into business, looking to create a portfolio to showcase your work, then you’re definitely going to get the most out of this theme.

Style:  Tesla Themes has done it again! The style on this theme if absolutely phenomenal. Normally I’m not to fond of business websites with everlasting home pages that go on, and on, and on. This theme however is an exception. Here’s why: it’s not that long and allows you to tell your companies story with a straight to the point home page! I also love how there is an optin box for visitors to subscribe. The website flows very well with the blog and the various pages are awesome. And as always, Tesla comes through with their amazing contact pages which integrates Google maps very nicely. Well done!

User Accessibility: One thing I’ve found with multipurpose wordpress themes is a lack of a static header. Now call me a millennial but I feel that every website should start to integrate a static header that holds it’s place when the user scrolls down. I need to incorporate that into my website as well. Aside from that little confusion with the Universe Theme, it’s very easy to navigate and visitors shouldn’t have any issues.

Overall: Universe Theme gets a grade of a B. While the theme is awesome I feel that it’s lacking something that I can’t quite pinpoint. Maybe you can after you check out the demo and then come back and leave your comment below!

Click Here To Demo The Universe Multipurpose WordPress Theme <<

Zoomy – Photography WordPress Theme


Are you a photographer looking to display your work online? If so, the Zoomy WordPress Theme may be the right choice for you.

Designed to be a Photography WordPress Theme with a modern touch and blend of minimalism, this theme was designed exactly for your work.

Geared with a responsive design and awesome features to make you stand out, this theme is Retina Ready and has awesome features like 10 custom posts, 5 custom widgets, WPML (multi-lingual ready) and even has social media and video integration enabled.

If photography is your passion and you’re looking to show off your visual art in a creative way, this premium WordPress theme is exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Style: With multiple options on how to display your art, this photography theme is awesome. You can have multiple grid views for your photos, an awesome home page (I recommend checking out the home-full width option), and awesome blog posts. As always, Tesla themes comes through with their contact pages as well. The menu at the top does this awesome criss cross feature when you hover over as well, adding a nice little touch to engage your visitors. The style is just awesome on this theme.

User Accessibility: Users will visit your photos and you can either link to the full image or to a blog post. From there they’ll be guided by the sidebar or the nav menu. The minimalist design surrounding the Zoomy Theme makes navigation effortless.

Overall: Zoomy Theme gets an A+. I’d like to see a feature where your visitors can optin to subscribe to a newsletter when new photos are released but this can easily be done with a third party wordpress plugin. I’m absolutely loving this theme and I know you will to! It almost makes me wish I was into photography!

Click Here To Demo The Zoomy Photography WordPress Theme <<

Electra – Multipurpose WordPress Theme


There are a lot of WordPress Themes out there that try to be multipurpose. Often times they’re hard to customize or just don’t seem to be the complete package – not with the Electra WordPress Theme.

If you’re looking for a multipurpose WordPress theme that’s clean, includes a responsive design, and has tons of customization features – this is the theme for you.

Powered with the Tesla Framework, it features over 10 different variations for a home page, multiple page customizations from event scheduling to your own calendar.

Last but not least, you’re able to change the color and pattern of your theme, create amazing photo galleries, and personalize your website for an electrifying look.

Electra is a Multipurpose Premium WordPress Theme with clean, airy, responsive layout and lots of customization features. It is our most customizable WordPress Theme yet.

Style: The Electra Theme is as good as it gets. Right when you land on the home page you’re greeted by an amazing slider with AJAX effects. To the top right you have your standard navigation menu and as you scroll down, you’ll see many separate boxes that can be filled with videos, testimonials, clicks to blog posts, etc. This theme is a bloggers, photography owners, or business agency’s dream.

User Accessibility: Navigating these theme will be very easy for your visitors. They’ll have fun looking at your calendar schedule, photo galleries, and especially your home page featured slider with Tesla Themes Revolutionary Slider plugin ($15 value).

Overall: B+ rating. If you’ve read any of our other reviews you’ll note that we always like to see a place where a subscriber can enter their information so you can build your email list. There should also be social media widgets that are visible and not stuffed at the bottom of the footer. Aside from that this is an awesome theme. Have a look for yourself!

Click Here To Demo The Electra WordPress Theme <<

** more reviews coming soon 🙂 **

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  • Kumar January 15, 2017, 2:00 am

    These guys are Crooks! I have bought a theme and it was buggy, and when I contacted their support they said I need to pay $59 per hour for fixing the bug, which was all from the buggy theme. And all this for a $48 theme.

    I think they create bugs on purpose on their themes just to sell $59 per hour customization on, their other website.

    And when I requested a refund they did not wanted to give me refund, saying that they do not offer refunds, but on their website it is written that they offer refund.

    So to all buyers – Beware! These guys are the real Eastern European Crooks!


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