The Ultimate Elegant Themes Review

by Chris Altamirano|Follow Him on Twitter Here

Elegant Themes Review Welcome to The Ultimate Elegant Themes Review! Just below this sentence is every single review on every single WordPress theme that Elegant Themes founder Nick Roach has ever produced.

This means that this post will be evergreen. Meaning that every single time elegant themes comes out with a new WordPress theme, an extensive review will drop here on this post.

So whether you’re brand new to WordPress and are just looking for an awesome but affordable theme, have already heard about Elegant Themes but just want to do a bit more research before you buy, or just want some more information on some of the unique themes, you’re in the right place.

Elegant Themes Review Criteria

What’s a review without some basic grading criteria? Each theme will be based on style, user accessibility, and then an overall rating from 1 to 10. 10 being the highest possible rating, 1 being the lowest.

I’ll also be reviewing each theme honestly and thoroughly to ensure that you’re getting the best possible information before making your decision to join Elegant Themes.

Finally, whether you decide to go with Elegant Themes or not, I really want you to get a lot of value out of this post and if nothing else become a little more educated about WordPress themes in general. Without further delay, here are the themes! Enjoy! 🙂

Update: Divi Theme 2.0 Now Available! (Elegant Themes)


I’m pleased to announce that Elegant Themes has just released Divi Theme 2.0! Here’s what’s in the new Divi Theme. For starters, you get the Divi Builder. This is a builder within the actual WordPress theme that allows you to create amazing looking layouts. And the best part is that you don’t have to fiddle with a single line of code. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced at web design, the advanced Divi Theme 2.0 builder makes building creative websites easy.

You’re also going to get 18 pre-made layouts that will give you a fast start on creating your ideal website. All of these templates are entirely customizable and can be used as a great starting point while bringing your own ideas to life.

Last but not least, in a world where almost everyone is on a mobile device or some sort of tablet, you’re going to want a website that is highly responsive. With the Divi Theme 2.0, all of your websites will be adaptive to any type of device.

Style: Their really isn’t one specific style when it comes to the Divi Theme as there are 18 pre-made layouts for you to use. You can either use one of their default websites or go all out and customize your own entirely. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing your website.

User Accessibility: Divi’s user accessibility was always going to be great. What really impressed me was the actual designers accessibility when building their website. Elegant Themes Divi Builder was smartly constructed to benefit the user – making web design as simple as possible. You can literally see building blocks, creating a visual look that will help you understand how to structure your website without coding.

Overall: Divi Theme 2.0 gets a 10/10. There are really no limitations when it comes to customizing your WordPress theme. It’s truly the most flexible theme that Elegant Themes has come out with to date. So much that you could probably pick up this theme and save yourself a lot of time, energy, and money.

Click here to Demo the Divi Theme 2.0.


Divi Theme

Divi Theme Review

Hey guys what’s going on, Chris Altamirano here with another awesome elegant theme review. This time, we’re diving into the Divi Theme. This theme in-particular is the newest theme in the Elegant Themes repertoire (as of Jan 10, 2014).

At first glance I’m absolutely loving the flash media going on with the home page. But there’s actually a lot more that meets the eye aside from the short entertainment. The overall style of the theme itself is incredibly flexible. By that I mean that Divi Theme has a responsive web design that will fit your screen on the desktop, tablet, and even on mobile.

These days, having a mobile friendly wordpress theme is incredibly important, as the rate of traffic coming from desktops is on a slow decline since mobile use has been up. This is a must have feature for any serious web designer or website owner.

Style: As mentioned earlier I’m absolutely in love with the design of the Divi Theme. The one thing I will say that’s always bothered me about Elegant Themes (sorry Nick Roach) is the super small font that they use. I’m 24 years-young and can barely read what’s going on. I know that the font can be changed from a 12pt font to something my appeasing to the eye but it would be nice to see a larger font. 16pt font is the new 12pt.

Aside from that, I’m highly impressed with the full-width layout, right and left side column options, and even 3-column display options that Divi Theme has to offer. This is a great feature for those of us who enjoy a bit of variety. The new feature of Divi’s drag-and-drop building blocks on the back end is also an awesome feature from a designer standpoint. This makes building your website a lot easier than traditional CSS and HTML.

User Accessibility: While the Divi Theme does have a lot of strong features that appeal to the eye, navigating around the Divi demo version was very effortless and straight to the point. Another thing I noticed, that’s actually a first with Elegant Themes, is the pre-built subscriber box.

Basically what this means is that you’ll be able to easily drag-and-drop a customizable opt-in box so that you can start collecting leads and gain email subscribers. While this feature is only integrated with MailChimp at the moment, you can bet that an integration for other email marketing services will arrive sooner than later.

Finally, I see even the most novice web user having no issues navigating around the Divi site. If anything they’ll be glad to click and browse around more and more, waiting to see what awesome design elements await on the next page.

Overall: Divi gets a 10 out of 10 from ViaMaverick. The main reason being that you can create so many different websites with just one theme. Whether you’re building an online store, an eCommerce homepage, or are just a blogger looking to spice up the look of your website – Divi is definitely a theme that can help you achieve the perfect design. All you need is a little bit of imagination. Plus, the cool little scroll feature that squeezes the top menu’s logo into a smaller version is neat little design element. See for yourself here.

Fable Theme

Fable ThemeThe Fable Theme is a beautiful looking WordPress blogging theme. While it does have some awesome visual effects and is built so that the user can have a full width reading experience, I’m not sure that I’m completely in love with it.

If you’re really into aesthetics instead of conversion, then the Fable theme is certainly for you. Again this blog theme seems like it’s more for you if you’re into story telling or are sharing an experience with family members through your blog.

Style: The style of the theme is very simple and sleek. If you wanted to add an awesome looking image to your home page, you could definitely do so and wow your first time blog visitors with the visual aesthetics.

User Accessibility: The accessibility of the fable theme is very simple. What I didn’t like was that there’s no social sharing least none that you’d notice right away. Above each blog post is a place for your author image, once you hover over that author image then you can share your content.

The problem with this is that I didn’t notice it right away. This is not a good thing in terms of getting your content shared. I wouldn’t worry about it too much though, as there are plenty of awesome WordPress plugins that can do that job for you.

Overall: On a visual scale the Fable theme would get an 8 out of 10, but we are doing an overall rating and unfortunately – Fable is going to get an honest 6 out of 10 simply because there wasn’t anything to suggest much user engagement. If you’re blogging for fun and want a nice looking theme. Test out the Fable theme.

Vertex Theme

Vertex Theme Are you looking to start a company in the services industry? Maybe you’ve got a digital product you want to promote in a sleek looking way? If that sounds like you, then you might want to take a look at the Vertex Theme.

Vertex was specifically built by Elegant Themes for companies who want to show off their products on a fully functional/awesome looking WordPress theme. And if you think that landing on the home page is nice, you’re going to love what you experience as you begin your scroll down the rest of the home page.

The best part that I loved about the Vertex theme was the sticky menu. This means that even when you scroll down the page, the menu sticks to the top as if it was flowing with you. Really awesome feature to have for your users so they don’t have to keep scrolling up to find more of your content.

Style: Vertex theme is a definite go to theme for anyone looking to showoff their service with an awesome looking website. There’s also really solid call to actions from the start of the page all the way down to the bottom.The blog page is a little bland but that’s nothing that can’t be updated with the awesome support that Elegant Themes offers.

User Accessibility: The overall accessibility was pretty easy to navigate. The homepage is where your product or service will be featured, so it’s mainly just scrolling down and reading. I wish there was more going on with the sidebar when you reach the blog section. Maybe an email subscriber box or another call to action.

Overall: The style of the Vertex theme is down right sleek. With a transparent background and some good call to actions on the front end, a service provider would be nuts not to consider the Vertex theme. We give it a 9 out of 10. Still reading this? Check out the Vertex Theme and demo it for yourself!

Nexus Theme

Nexus Theme A lot of magazine themes are just too complicated. But after taking a look at the Nexus Theme, it looks like a magazine styled theme that’s actually under control. It’s not like most other magazine styled wordpress themes that are just all over the place.

For starters I really like the home screen. From experience with magazine style themes, I know that getting control of what’s on your home page slider is hard. It’s nice to see the Nexus theme not have one of those wacky sliders. From knowing that alone I now know that this theme is very easily manageable when it comes to content infrastructure.

Style: The style of the Nexus theme is top notch. I especially love how the social media icons are in the top right corner and are disguised as part of the menu. When I clicked into an actual post, what impressed me most was the full width image stretched across the screen with the article right below it.

User Accessibility: For me personally there are a lot of links on this theme. However I do understand that the point of a magazine styled theme – such as the Nexus theme – is geared towards keeping the user engaged with tons and tons of content.

Navigating around the menu’s and everything else was really easy to understand right off the gun. I think anyone would be able to navigate around the Nexus theme without any difficulties.

Overall: The Nexus theme gets an overall rating of 8.8 out of 10. If you’re looking for a WordPress theme for an online magazine with tons of customization features and a very well organized structure, Nexus is a great choice. Want a demo? Play with the Nexus theme!

Foxy Theme

Foxy Theme Foxy theme from Elegant Themes is just that. FOXY. This bright orange really pulls your eye in and creates an awesome graphics presentation with the ipads popping up. One thing I know from personal experience from being an Elegant Themes customer, is that their themes are made very simple.

The only downside I would have about the actual graphics pop up is that unless you’re great at photoshop, your design probably won’t look as cool as theirs. More of less the websites overall front landing page feel is that of a modern day e-commerce website.

Overall, Foxy theme has a really sleek feel, easy navigation, and is perfect for the online business doer. It’s got a responsive design, built in social media widgets, and is just a really fun theme to look at.

Style: Foxy theme is definitely one of the sexier themes I’ve come across in a while. Very impressed.

User Accessibility: My young nieces and nephews could navigate around this site if it was based on cartoon characters. The design is that simple and attractive, that even a kid would want to check out this foxy theme.

Overall: 9 Click here to try out the Foxy Theme.

Explorable Theme

Explorable Theme Review Explorable theme is a really awesome location-based theme that has a pin-drop navigation. So if your doing a post about something having to do with Thailand, you would set your pin to drop in Thailand and then your post would populate on the front page as soon as you click on the pin location.

It’s sort of like you’re exploring the world through a series of blog posts. This is especially great if you’re blogging about traveling or maybe even hotel reviews in certain cities. Anything location based to blog about can definitely benefit from this theme.

The explorable theme also fully integrated with Goolge maps, uses theme short codes, and uses a fully responsive design, meaning it adjusts for tablets and smart phones as well.

Style: The explorable theme is definitely unique and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Simplistic, yet creative.

User Accessibility: When I first got to the theme, I wasn’t sure if I was on Google maps or an actual WordPress site. So although confusing at first, I got the hang of what it was right away.

The navigation is positioned very well and easy to see, the toggle button on the right side could stand out a bit more, and the navigation filter on the bottom is a nice touch but not entirely necessary.

Overall: 8

StyleShop Theme

StyleShop Theme My first impression of the StyleShop Theme was the red awesome feel and the red buttons! Notice how the red buttons caught my eye first? This is definitely an eCommerce website that is designed to create user engagement.

Overall, the navigation up top is really easy to find, and the simple slide in the middle is also eye catching. StyleShop is very sleek and very satisfying to the eye. There’s even a shopping cart button at the top right so your future customers can add items, and still browse the site without having to add the product again. This makes 1 click sales easy and makes an eCommerce providers job a lot easier.

The StyleShop theme comes in 5 different colors and is also a fully responsive WordPress theme. This means more mobile and tablet users will have an easier time navigating around your site! The one thing I didn’t really like was the blog section. It’s very plain and could use a digital makeover but it’s certainly not taking anything away from the rest of it.

Style: It’s an eCommerce theme designed specifically for fashion, clothing, retail sales – this theme definitely has it all in terms of aesthetics.

User Accessibility: Very easy to navigate and also very easy to add more items to your shopping cart. There’s even related items at the bottom of each product, which is a really beneficial factor when doing 1-click up-sales.

Overall: Despite the blog not being so awesome, and this particular theme having a lot more tabs and categories than necessary, I’d give this an overall rating of 8. Browse around and check out the StyleShop Theme here to get a better feel of how it works.

Fusion Theme

Fusion WordPress Theme My first impression of Fusion Theme is that it’s very BIG. The slider did it’s thing a couple of times to show off it’s capabilities and that was pretty cool. When I scrolled down I saw that the website was broken up by blocks, this is very easy on the eye and makes it easier to navigate.

Fusion theme is a flash theme that really has a creative yet professional type of feel to it. If you were creating an app, were into tech stuff, or had some type of business that focused on web design, this would be an ideal site theme for your website.

It’s fully responsive, comes with a variety of color selections, and you can even customize your background images. I wasn’t too fond of the blog styles, fonts, and overall look. But with some elegant themes forum support, I’m sure they can help fix some of those simple design issues.

Style: It’s definitely got a lot of spunk but the design isn’t something I’m super fond of. To each his own right?

User Accessibility: Sometimes having a lot of content on the front page can be a bit overwhelming. But overall the theme is very easy to navigate.

Overall: I’ll give Fusion theme a 7.5 just because it’s not a theme I’d particularly use and because I’m not a big fan of sites like this. They seem to be popping up everywhere and lack uniqueness. Disagree with me? Check out the Fusion Theme here for yourself and then come back and let me know what you think!

Nimble Theme

Nimble Theme Nimble Theme is by far one of the best themes I’ve seen in the Elegant Themes arsenal. As soon as you land on the page, you’re greeted with some really cool flash text that jumps out at you and really invites you in, offering a very friendly user experience.

As you scroll down, you’ll also notice that hovering over the buttons makes them pop out and then down. It’s still going to take you to the next web page but it really makes it cooler to click on a button. The theme is very big and bold and it really is in a class of it’s own.

The functionality is all there and it isn’t compromised for style. The nimble theme comes with a fully responsive design, nice dimmed down colors since there’s a lot of space and you don’t want to blind your visitors, and it’s really a treat to look at.

Style: The boldness of the Nimble Theme is great. Loved every second of being on the site.

User Accessibility: I loved  every second I spent on the site. Super easy to navigate but I wasn’t really fond of the side by side circle blog post section. Just looked pretty tacky, nevertheless, still very easy to navigate and look at.

Overall: Nimble gets a 9.5 simply because it’s almost perfect but not quite. The side by side bubbles in the blog section are a pain but I’m sure that can be fixed up with some support. What’s your take on the blog section? Browse the Nimble Theme and see for yourself.

Lucid Theme

Lucid Theme At first glance at the Lucid Theme, I was a bit over whelmed with all of the options I had to click on something. There’s the top navigation menu, the slider, three sections below the slider, the whole sidebar and all of those options, then a video section, and then a blog roll section, leading all the way down to the footer which shows the recent posts and a variety of other options.

My honest opinion at first glance? There’s a lot going on here! However, Lucid theme is still a quality theme in that it is a magazine type of theme. The design is still very clean and is overall organized to a tee.

Like every other Elegant Theme, Lucid comes in a variety of colors and be customized to fit your needs. If you were running some type of magazine styled website, then Lucid would definitely be a cool theme to try out.

Style: As a young male, I’m not a huge fan of the magazine styled theme. But this Elegant theme review isn’t about me, it’s about the themes and how they can benefit you. If you’re looking for a magazine type theme, Lucid is definitely an option but I’m not entirely convinced that it’s your best one. User

Accessibility: There’s definitely a lot of options to navigate around with. The only thing that concerns me with this Lucid theme is getting lost! While there is a lot of navigation that’s easy to access, the only thing I can see to get you back to a good start is the breadcrumbs within the blog posts and clicking the home button.

Overall: Every WordPress theme has it’s pros and cons. With that being said, Lucid theme gets an overall grade of 6.5. I simply wasn’t entirely impressed at first glanced and thought it lacked some visual aesthetics. If you think I’m being a bit harsh, check out the Lucid theme here and see for yourself. You definitely might like it a lot more than I did!

Flexible Theme

Flexible Theme Flexible theme is a very simple theme that keeps things straight to the point. When you click on the image categories, the images reorganize in a really cool way. I’m not really sure what the need for the slider is except that it looks cool, but the theme itself is still really great to look at.

This minimalist WordPress theme is really made for someone who’s looking to show off their portfolio in a modern way. So if you’re really looking to show off your artwork, web design, or some of your other work, Flexible theme may be the right theme for you.

Style: Love the minimalist design and cool visual effects of the image reorganization.

User Accessibility: The key to any successful website, I believe, is to keep your visitors on your website through engagement and through easy navigation. Flexible theme does this very well and definitely had my engaged.

Overall: Flexible theme gets an 8 because it has a fresh blend of modern web design with a minimalist feel. The one thing that I wasn’t really fond of was the blogs recent reviews section at the very bottom.

It just looked really bland and I felt that more could be done. Browse around Flexible Theme here and check it out for yourself.

Chameleon Theme

Chameleon Theme Chameleon theme gives you the option to turn your background into multiple colors and even options to change the texture. It’s really awesome when it comes to customizing the aesthetics of your WordPress website.

On the other hand, I’m not a huge fan of the slider as I really don’t see what purpose it holds besides a little bit of “eye appeal.” I’m not so sure what this type of theme would be used for but I do know that it’s supposed to be a simple web design by the looks of the no-sidebar home page.

Perhaps it can be used for business or for a community type website. The social media icons at the very top are cool but aren’t noticable, they should definitely be made bigger if you’re looking to attract more likes or followers to your respective facebook and twitter accounts.

The logo size could be made a bit bigger and is definitely possible when you get into the Elegant Themes support forum (awesome support by the way). Now that my opinions have been shared, let’s get to the grading.

Style: Love simplistic looking websites but something about Chameleon doesn’t suit me right. Maybe it’s because the font’s are really small or because I’m sort of bias against sliders. One thing I was really impressed with was the image gallery, definitely a must see.

User Accessibility: Although I wasn’t a fan of the aesthetics, I will say that it was very easy to navigate (which is important when browsing the marketing for a premium WordPress theme). The blog is well done although it could use some font changes to appeal more to the eye.

Rating: The Chameleon Theme gets a rating of 6.7 simply because it isn’t a super great looking/user engaging theme. Everything seemed to just “work” which is not good enough when it comes to your visitors. Especially these days when sites like Facebook and Photobucket are setting the standard of website interfaces. Highly recommend checking out the image gallery on Chameleon Theme, maybe it’ll convince you to like the theme more than I did!

Aggregate Theme

Aggregate Theme Aggregate Theme is a magazine style theme that has a lot of features built all into one theme. If you’re looking to start a magazine styled blog and want lots of customization features, this is the theme to go with.

I wasn’t too fond of the right and left arrows stick out on the sides and wish they were transparent onto the actual slider, but I’m sure it’s something that can be fixed within the support forum.

I do love that the theme is responsive, comes with multiple colors schemes, and even comes with built in advertising space – this means that all you’d have to do is copy and paste your Google Adsense code for your advertisements to appear.

While I’m not too fond of the magazine style themes in general, if I was going to start up a magazine styled website, the Aggregate Theme would definitely be a front-runner in my choice of options.

Style: Very customizable and easy to look at. Really enjoy the zipper borders on the top and the overall layout.

User Accessibility: All of the tabs lead to a blog styled format with thumbnails beside each posts. This is very cool as it actually engages the user with an image rather than just a title and a huge image that can be overwhelming to the eye. Definitely a good feel to it and it really makes everything on the Aggregate Theme easier to browse.

Overall: Aggregate gets a 9 out of 10 because of it’s overall presentation, navigation qualities, and user accessibility. You can put a lot of categories and still keep the site very well organized. Job well done by Nick Roach and his Elegant Themes staff. Check out Aggregate Theme here for yourself and let us know what you think!

Origin Theme

Origin Theme Origin Theme is quite possibly one of the more engaging themes in the Elegant Themes armory that I’ve seen in a while. The imagery literally pulls you in and keeps you on the site for a while. Anyone that has this site probably has some pretty low bounce rates showing up in their Google Analytics dashboard.

What I really love about the Origin Theme is that each image is actually a link back to a blog post. So when you mouse over the image, another color filter overlays onto the image and appears with a snippet of your blog post….then the real “magic” happens…

It displays your original sidebar on the left and then has a HUGE full width header that’s taken from your blog post image and spread across the top of the blog. It makes for a really cool unique way to read blog posts.

The only concern I had is that someone new who isn’t used to this type of site, may get confused and think it’s strictly a photography based website instead of a blog. But because it’s easily attractive through it’s imagery, users will click on the photo’s on the home page. I know I did.

Style: Style is A+. One of the better WordPress photography/unique blog themes I’ve seen…EVER.

User Accessibility:  The photo-grid makes navigation very easy and so does the static sidebar. Now that a lot more web searches are happening on mobile and on tablets, the responsive design is definitely a big plus that Origin Theme has to offer.

Overall: Origin Theme gets a 10 out of 10. Which is the first 10 out of 10 I’ve given to any theme. The overall navigation, user engagement and accessibility were all on par, and I’d highly recommend anyone looking to start a photography blog or anyone just looking to make their blog a lot more fun to get the Origin Theme. Like this review? See more of the Origin Theme here.

DeepFocus Theme

DeepFocus Theme I’m not a huge fan of image slider based themes but DeepFocus Theme is amazingly beautiful. The metallic wood background gives it a sleek feel and the drop shadow behind the slider really brings forward the imagery in a stunning display.

This is a very creative way to have a WordPress blog, yet at the same time display your creativeness. Definitely recommend this theme for photographers, artists, or anyone looking to display their creativity through the form of photos.

Also really like the “who I am” and “what I do” sections. This gave me a clear call to action so I know what type of website I was on right away. DeepFocus theme is a fully responsive WordPress theme, comes with multiple background displays and even displays the images in a very cool blog display with a brief description!

Style: What really sets the DeepFocus wordpress theme apart for me is the drop shadow accents and the wood grain background. It’s very unique and is something you don’t see a lot of. The full width header is also really satisfying to the eye and is something any web visitor would enjoy.

User Accessibility: The navigation was really easy and straight to the point. The only thing I would change is the font size, which is very easy to do in the Elegant Themes ePanel.

Overall: DeepFocus gets an 8.5 out of 10 rating because of it’s aesthetics and fluidity. Would have liked to see more imagery since it is meant for photography and artists to display their work, but it still maintains a good balance of both information and images. Play around with with DeepFocus Theme here and try out some unique color schemes.

Evolution Theme

Evolution Theme Evolution Theme is Elegant Themes first try at a fully responsive design. For some reason I feel like Nick Roach really loves image sliders, maybe it’s the new “in” website thing. Whatever the case, Evolution theme is very well organized and does not disappoint.

If you’re looking for a simple blog styled layout with some cool imagery features along the way, evolution may be the theme for you. I really like the simplicity and easy to use navigation.

The quote in the middle is really cool too, could definitely be used as a testimonial quote from one of your satisfied customers or from someone who’s liked your content. Like more recent Elegant Themes, evolution comes with customized page templates. So you can create a full-width page, login page or even a gallery page.

Style: I’ve always been a huge fan of minimalistic blogs because there’s a lot less clutter. It makes it easier on the eyes for your visitors and they can find what they need to find but also what you want them to find. The images also give it a nice pop that attracts the eye even more. And with a lot of room in the full width header area, a customizable logo would fit very well.

User Accessibility: The links are far and few in-between in the evolution theme with most of the space being taken over by images. Clicking on images pop’s them out in a lightbox feature, which is sort of confusing when site visitors may think they’re navigating to a blog post. Other than that confusing hack, the links are highly visible and the footer design is a great help for navigation.

Overall: A rating of 7.6 seems fair because it does the job. There’s no real “wow” factor other than the slider. And since you’re only going to see the slider on the home page and will most likely be in posts more often, the aesthetics really lack. Disagree with my review? Test out Evolution Theme here for yourself!

eStore Theme

eStore Theme eStore Theme is a fully functional eCommerce WordPress theme that fits the bill for anyone looking to do business online. After playing with the eStore Theme for a bit, I was impressed with the initial landing page.

The huge inviting colors blended in with the products is definitely something that attracted my eye. Basically everything with this theme is designed to sell right from the start. This is a definite must have theme for anyone looking to sell stuff online.

Style: The eStore Theme has a super simple design that attracts buyers in the right way. Too often you’ll see a lot of clutter with a lot of sites (eBay, Amazon, etc) but not with this theme. It’s got a blogger type feel but isn’t a blog at all. Very attractive theme that any online business person would definitely appreciate.

User Accessibility: All links point to products! After previewing the product and then clicking add to cart, the product pops up in a side bar and stays there for the remaining time on the site. This is a huge plus because you want your potential customers to have full visibility of their shopping cart. Great feature.

Overall: Aside from the super tiny description text beneath each product, the eStore theme is phenomenal. However, I’m going to have to give the theme a 8.9 and not anything higher because of the user aesthetics.

While the presentation of the eStore theme has been done very well, it’s actually not that easy to get the sliders “picture perfect” and blended in with your products. Unless of course you outsource the work or are proficient enough to work with images in Photoshop.

You would also have to take professional grade pictures with solid colored backgrounds to have the same look. Let’s be honest, iPhone photography for this site would probably work but just wouldn’t make the cut. Not a huge obstacle but an obstacle nevertheless. If you liked what you read, then get started with the eStore Theme today!

SimplePress Theme

SimplePress Theme SimplePress Theme is exactly what it’s been named – simple. I once used this theme to build her a website for her insurance business and she was very satisfied with the end result. The theme is fully responsive, easy to add images, text, and also very easy to change the theme’s color.

The only downside is that the slider was somewhat difficult to work with but once you figure it out, everything seems to work just fine. This theme is recommended for professionals who want a clean look to their website.

While the slider does give it some flash appeal, once you navigate away from the homepage you’ll be pleased with the simplicity.

Style: SimplePress is the name so it’s what you’re going to get. Nothing super fancy here other than the slider. Very clean look that even a minimalist would love.

User Accessibility: The ease of use is awesome. The only thing I would have changed is to have the three bottom blocks linked to the blog post, instead of having to click the “read more” button. Other than that everything worked very well and was easy to use.

Overall: A rating of 8 out of 10 is what this theme gets. While it’s name is SimplePress, I think a distracting slider goes against the name itself Enjoy the minimalist look? Get started with SimplePress Theme today!

Gleam Theme

Gleam Theme Your visitors will have their breath taken away when you equip your website with Gleam Theme. When you first land on the home page, it’s as if nothing on the website even exists…but as soon as you click on the website title in the middle, the magic starts to happen.

Everything within the Gleam Theme has very flashy effects and super smooth ajax loading that create a very unique experience unlike any other website. You’ll have to have some awesome professional photos taken however, if you want to compete with the live demo preview that elegant themes presents.

Style: There’s no question that this theme has it all when it comes to style. The visual aesthetics are incredible.

User Accessibility: Is that a menu on the bottom left you see? That’s right. Once you start to click around on the ajax loading pop-up boxes, you’ll notice that the menu will pop-up on the bottom left.

The only thing is this…I didn’t notice that the menu was on the bottom left until I actually started wondering where the menu was. This was a bit confusing but I’m sure elegant themes gives you the option or functionality to move your menu to the top for easier navigation.

Overall: Aesthetics wise the Gleam Theme gets a rating of 10 out of 10. However, when it comes to the user accessibility, I’ll have to give it a 7.5. Keeping visitors on your website is literally a matter of navigation and ease of use.

If your visitors gets stumped for even 2 seconds, they could exit your website before they even knew what it was about. Simplicity matters but this is still a fantastic theme for anyone looking display their art or fashion sense in a unique way. Think this is the theme for you? Get started with Gleam Theme today!

Nova Theme

Nova Theme Nova Theme is one of the more simplistic themes in the Elegant Themes galleria. The theme does however feature 6 really cool background images that give you some variety to choose from.

The main feature of the Nova Theme is the slider area. Other than that, the website is pretty much your standard blog. If you like the minimalistic feel and are someone who wants to show off your crafty web design business, Nova Theme may be right for you.

Style: Aside from the slider area, there really isn’t a lot of cool aesthetics involved with the Nova Theme. What you see is what you get. One thing that makes no sense is the little search icon on the top right…it’s barely visible and with content easily accessible as is, one would wonder why it’s even there to begin with.

A nice plus however is the gallery within the theme. It really does display the images in a nice looking thumbnail order and even has a cool java effect when you mouse over it. Definitely pleasing to the eye and a feature to be mentioned.

User Accessibility: This theme is really “WYSIWYG” (what you see is what you get) when it comes to accessibility and navigation. If one of your visitors got lost on this platform it would be a real surprise.

Overall: Nova gets a rating of 6 out of 10. Seeing as how this was one of Elegant Theme’s first slider based WordPress themes, it wasn’t as great as it could be, especially when you compare it to some of their newer selections. Like this review? Get started with Nova theme today!

TheStyle Theme

TheStyle Theme TheStyle Theme has a great home page that invites users in to view the content on the other side.

I really do enjoy the way TheStyle Theme organizes the content from most recent posts and then displays the category the blog post is in with a strip of red over the image. This is a cool theme that organizes things in a unique way, while at the same time making your content easily accessible.

Style: It has it! It even comes with multiple color variations which is always a plus! The one thing I do not like is the blog section once you click on one of the thumbnails. It takes you to a very “blocky” looking WordPress blog. It’s spread out really wide and your eyes sort of have to do a lot of work.

User Accessibility: Was very easy to access the first time around. Definitely attractive to the eye and the images really entice you to start clicking.

Overall: In terms of aesthetics, TheStyle Theme really gives you a commercial WordPress theme type of feel, almost like you’re viewing a magazine. With that being said, I’ll rate this theme at a 7.5 and no higher because of the blog section.

While the user is greeted with a great looking homepage, they will soon be disappointed (or at least I was) with the actual blog section. Thinking about starting a fashion site? Check out TheStyle Theme today!

Harmony Theme

Harmony Theme You’re going to love the static background on Harmony Theme. When I first landed on the website I was blown away by the sheer simplicity yet uniqueness of the theme. It’s seriously one bad ass theme for any one looking to construct a band or music themed website.

Not only is the theme unique, but harmony theme is hooked up with the ability to add samples of your music, set up events, upload awesome looking image galleries and even sell your own clothing. I especially like the blog section with it’s big bold headings and transparent look that shows off the static background.

Style:  The background on the Elegant Themes live demo is sick. You’re going to have to have a really cool image if you want to have a similar look. But if you’re serious about your band or even just your webs presence, I”m sure you can figure something out!

User Accessibility: The blog is very easy to navigate and scrolls down really far. So you’d better have a lot of merchandise or content to fill up the space! One thing I wasn’t too fond of was the merchant page.

When I went to check out a product and then added it to my cart, I decided to navigate back to the home page only to find that I’d completely lost track of the shopping cart. Definitely something that needs fixing if you’re to keep your potential clients engaged.

Overall: I would have loved for the media player to look a lot cooler and for the shopping cart functionality to stay with the visitor throughout their entire visit. Aside from those two little things, the Harmony theme is awesome. 9 out of 10 rating was definitely deserved and earned.

If you’re in a band or know someone who is, get started with the Harmony Theme today!

Trim Theme

Trim Theme If you’re super minimalistic then Trim Theme may be the right premium WordPresss theme you’ve been looking for. With it’s super simple look and feel, this is definitely a site that embodies crispness. It is however in my point of view filled with clutter.

There is no real direct starting point of what I’m supposed to do. The fluidity is lacking big time with the Trim Theme. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great theme but it’s just not something I’d love to stick around on.

Style: It’s supposed to be a minimalist theme but it’s full of clutter. Not very fond of the style at all.

User Accessibility: The menu bar has a cool little drop down with changing colors and is very easy to navigate. Other than that it doesn’t really have that “stick” factor that I would like to see. Nothing really engaged me to keep clicking around other than the fact that I’m doing a review.

Overall: I’ll give trim a 5 out of 10.. There is no one website that can benefit from the Trim Theme, but if you think this Theme is right for your online web presence, then try out Trim Theme today! Actually no..don’t try out Trim Theme..try out one of the other Elegant Themes instead 🙂

InStyle Theme

InStyle Theme Visually the InStyle Theme is awesome. The entire theme is basically one huge photo with thumbnail like snippets of your pages and blog posts. What’s really cool is that each time you click on your front page thumbnail, the entire background changes with it creating a really cool visual effect.

Unfortunately the photos used in the live demo preview don’t come with the theme itself. This sucks and means that you’ll have to get your own photos yourself.

Style: InStyle is the name of theme and it’s definitely got a lot of style. Again the only downside is that you’re going to have to find your own cool images.

User Accessibility: The navigation menu is on the top right and is in plain site for your visitors to see.

Overall: Aesthetically speaking, the demo version of the InStyle Theme gets a 10 out of 10 rating. However, once again (and for the last time) the images shown in the demo version do not come with the theme.

But seeing as how the functionality is there, the theme will get a 7 out of 10 only because the InStyle Theme is going to be as good as you make it to be. Did you like the visual aesthetics? Check out the InStyle Theme today!

Feather Theme

Feather Theme The very first thing I noticed with the Feather Theme is the overall openness! This theme is definitely easy on the eyes and can be used for a variety of businesses or personal uses. And if you’re a big detail person, you’ll definitely like what you’ll see.

If you look closely at the image above (click on it and view the live demo version) you’ll see that it’s got these little ridges that divide the blue from the white. Subtle differences like that are what separate bland websites from unique ones.

Nick Roach and the Elegant Themes team definitely put a lot of thought when it came to details in this one.

Style: I really appreciate the simplicity but I really don’t like how the blog roll just below the centered quote is there. It takes up random space and doesn’t attract visitors with the eyes at all.

User Accessibility: There’s a lot going on with the home page but the navigation menu helps a lot. My first action was to scroll down and then click on the images, so if you’re going to use this theme I’d recommend implementing some images instead of just bland text like the demo version.

Overall: After reviewing multiple themes, I’m starting to see a pattern pop up with Elegant Themes. There’s usually some cool image slider and then a similar blog style. Based on that, I’ll give the Feather Theme a rating of 6 out of 10 because the originality has begun to lack.

Want a hands on demo? Check out the Feather Theme here!

Envisioned Theme

Envisioned Theme Envisioned Theme is a very beautiful portfolio theme that gives you the power to create awesome looking image galleries. However, the one thing I dislike about the home page is the confusion with the other images. At first you want to click on them but then cant.

Then you realize that you have to mouse of the image and then click the arrow to navigate to the next image or video. While it’s not a big deal, it’s an aesthetic feature that can definitely be fixed.

On the bright side, Envisioned Theme has multiple sized galleries. So you can make a small, medium, or large gallery depending on your personal preference.

Style: The style is great and unique. But once again the blog is too bland and repetitive amongst all themes in the Elegant Themes gallery.

User Accessibility: Will your visitors become engaged? Absolutely. You do need to have some serious images though to spark and keep their interest.

Overall: 7 out of 10 is the rating ladies and gents. Only because the blog page is super bland and also due to the fact that you’re going to need some serious imagery to make your site look anything similar to the demo version.

Want to see more? Click here to get a hands on demo version of Envisioned Theme!

Sky Theme

Sky Theme The Sky Theme is a commercial WordPress theme that will make your business site do one thing… STAND OUT! I mean where else will you get a theme that visually floats across the “sky?”

Your visitors are definitely going to love clicking around just to see one screen fade in and another one fade out. It really is a cool design that Elegant Themes has put together. My main concern however is how it will load for users with a slower computer processor or a slow internet connection?

Style: The style of Sky Theme speaks for itself. It’s very unique and I’ve never seen anything like it.

User Accessibility: At no point in time are you ever on a page filled with clutter. The navigation was very easy the first time around and your users would never have a problem finding their way back home. If anything they’d enjoy clicking around some more!

Overall: 8 out of 10 is what the Sky theme will get. The theme obviously wasn’t built for SEO rankings or conversions, it was built for a commercial type business. With that being said, the Sky Theme does the job and then some.

Not sure about this review? Test out Sky Theme for yourself!

LeanBiz Theme

LeanBiz Theme If you’re a big fan of sliders, then you’re going to love the slider that the LeanBiz Theme has to offer. This commercial based WordPress theme is specifically designed to attract your users and then encourage them to engage.

With a fully optimized home page that’s sleek and to the point, your business just got a lot more professional. And I’m not just tooting my own horn when I say that the LeanBiz Theme is very professional.

The clear call to actions make it a business owners ideal theme, especially if converting views into sales is on the agenda.

Style: The style of the LeanBiz Theme is off the chain. If you’re not familiar with slang, that means it’s really cool.

User Accessibility: While the aesthetics do look really nice, I’m not sure about the overall user accessibility of the LeanBiz theme. Perhaps the demo version just has a lot of menu’s and things to click on to showcase the overall depth of the theme, but for me there was a lot going on.

Overall: LeanBiz gets an overall rating of 7.8 out of 10 simply because the clutter of links and menu’s was unattractive. But don’t worry, this is something you can definitely edit with some awesome Elegant Theme support forum service! Still not convinced? Test out the LeanBiz Theme here!

Modest Theme

Modest Theme This Modest Theme Review is going to be short and sweet. At first glance the theme is very simple but everything is just really small. The font, text, faint looking grey styling..just wasn’t a huge fan of the Modest Theme to begin with.

While the Modest Theme has a really simple design, it lacks a lot of detail. This however can actually be a good thing if you’re looking for a minimalistic looking theme with little interruption.

Style: The modest theme lacks style but I’m pretty sure that’s what Nick Roach and the Elegant Themes team was going for with this one.

User Accessibility: The navigation was straight forward and to the point. If there was one thing I would change, it would have to be to increase the font size. Other than that, navigating around the site was fairly easy and would be really easy for your visitors as well.

Overall: Since this theme was intended to have less clutter, we’ll give this theme a 6.5 out of 0f 10. Did you love this theme and disagree with my review? Demo the Modest Theme for yourself!

TheSource Theme

The Source Theme TheSource Theme is a magazine-style theme that has a lot to offer. When I first landed on the theme I was highly impressed with the overall design and attention to detail.

Typically when you look at other magazine-style WordPress themes, you’ll see that there tends to be a lot of clutter. Fortunately for you, TheSource Theme has everything organized in a way that puts the eyes at ease for a nice visual experience.

Style: This theme has the style from top to bottom. While I do wish there was an infinite scroll feature – like on Facebook – I’m sure that the user would have no problem clicking the arrow to read more content.

User Accessibility: The homepage itself is really easy to navigate around, but once you’re off and onto another page, I found myself a bit overwhelmed as to what to do next. Maybe that was because the demo version of TheSource Theme is written in some weird characters.

Overall: TheSource is one of the better magazine-style themes I’ve seen in a while. With that being said, it gets a rating of 8.5 out of 10. Like this review? Check out TheSource Theme for yourself!

Memoir Theme

Memoir Theme If you’re a blogger who’s all about personal experiences, then the Memoir Theme might be the right choice for you. While it is a fairly simple theme, it services it’s purpose in a very elegant way.

I really liked the background of the demo version on Memoir Theme. So if you do decide to go with this theme, make sure you get a solid looking background image to upload!

Style: This theme wasn’t meant for style, it was meant for simplicity and it serves that purpose very well. One thing I would have liked to see is a header at the top of the blog with the blog’s name and/or title.

User Accessibility: It’s a standard personal blogger theme. Sidebar is on the right and every link is very visible. Plus all of the links have one action color (grey). Very easy to navigate.

Overall: 8 out of 10. Looking for a premium wp theme for your personal blog?  If so, demo the Memoir Theme!

Magnificent Theme

Magnificent Theme Magnificent Theme is a premium WordPress theme that is ready for tons of content. If you’ve got a lot to say or just a lot of content to post, then this may be the theme for you.

Right off the gun I really liked that their was a lot of space to offer on this particular theme. However I wasn’t really impressed with the organization of it all. Seems to be a bit all over the place but I’m sure it can be toned down with a bit of customization.

The upside is that their are seven different color schemes, so you do have a lot of wiggle room as far aesthetics go!

Style: Love the style, don’t really enjoy the clutter-ness.

User Accessibility: There was a lot of menu’s at the very top but that’s expected for a theme that boasts a ton of content. Aside from that, every link you click on (other than a meun) will take you to a blog post with your standard sidebar. Very accessible and easy to navigate for first time visitors.

Overall: Magnificent Theme get’s a 7 out of 10. Sometimes less is more. Disagree with my review? Click here to see for yourself what Magnificent Theme is all about!

Notebook Theme

Notebook Theme Notebook Theme is a cool theme to show off your photo’s, videos, and blog posts with style! I’ll have to admit that when I first landed on the site, I didn’t know where to start – but sometimes no starting point at all is a very good place to start!

(User engagement is key!) If you’re really into multimedia and are looking to integrate your world with a WordPress ready theme, then you’re going to love this theme.

Style: The tiled layout is really awesome and is something you really only see with say flickr photos or a Google image search. Seeing this type of multimedia theme is a nice change of scenery.

User Accessibility: Clicking on each respective tile took me directly to the blog post. The sidebar on the left – which I’m sure you can move to the right – was also filled with some links leading back to blog posts and pages.

I’d like to see an opt-in form or some social media icons, but I’m sure you can add that with a simple WordPress plugin.

Overall: 9 out of 10. Still not convinced? Demo the Notebook Theme here!

Webly Theme

Webly Theme The Webly Theme is a professional WordPress theme that is quite frankly, one of the better themes I’ve seen produced by Nick Roach and the Elegant Themes staff. Not only are you getting a fully functional web 2.0 premium WordPress theme, you’re getting something that’s very unique.

When I first landed on the demo version I was immediately sucked in by the background image and overall design. The slider even has a smooth transition that you really don’t find with a lot of other themes.

Style: The style was off the charts. Even the button’s look fluffy and made me want to click on them!

User Accessibility: With Webly being a professional theme, most of the functionality is on the home page. Once you get into the blog section it becomes pretty standard and easy to use. This theme is ideal for anyone looking for a unique theme for their company or service.

Overall: 8 out of 10. Would have gotten a 9 but the blog section (sidebar) was just too small for my liking. Would like to see that area of the blog stand out more. Looking for a theme to engage users into your business? Then test out the Webly Theme!

MyCuisine Theme

MyCuisine Theme If you’re a restaurant owner or web designer looking to give a restaurant owner a quality restaurant WordPress theme, then you certainly may want to consider going with the MyCuisine Theme.

Upon checking out the demo, I was immediately attracted to the slider. I really love how it takes up the full width of the page and has a smooth fade in. Not only is this theme very good for small business owners, it’s even a good theme for any type of business!

Style: What attracted me most – aside from the slider – was the big review quote in the center, plus the Google maps integration on the footer. Those are very key elements that make this theme stand out, as most visitors want to know location and time information. Well done.

User Accessibility: The MyCuisine Theme is another WYSIWYG styled theme. There’s nothing too fancy that suggests you’re not going to stumble past some important information. What you see is (literally) what you get. Very easy to navigate and very appealing to the eye.

Overall: 9.5 out of 10. By far one of the best themes within the Elegant Themes arsenal. Any business owner would love this theme. If you’re ready to take your business website to the next level, check out the MyCuisine Restaurant Theme today!

Convertible WordPress Theme

convertible theme - the landing page theme Have a product you want to sell online or a service you’re offering? If so, Convertible Theme gives you an entirely new and unique approach to creating an online sales page. And it doesn’t even look like a sales page! (No spammy red headlines!)

This landing page theme comes with a custom drag and drop page builder that gives you complete control of what goes where, apparently without ever having to touch a single line of code. If you’re a marketer, this is music to your ears.

Style: The style is definitely unique and is – as I said earlier – not spammy at all. If anything the style of this sales page invites you to read more. Very well designed.

User Accessibility: This page was made to turn visitors into customers. All your visitor has to do is scroll down, enjoy the visuals, and then click a button to be taken to a shopping cart. Very easily accessible.

Overall: For a landing page that doesn’t scream “give me all of your money!” this is one that I’d probably use myself. Loved it. 10 out of 10. Did you like this landing page style theme? If so, get the Convertible Theme today!

Elegant Estate Theme

Elegant Estate Theme: The Real Estate WordPress Theme If you’re in the real estate niche or know someone that is, I highly recommend checking out the Elegant Estate Theme. Now you can have your WordPress blog turn into a fully functional real estate destination.

Right off the bat I was able to navigate through multiple listings, click on images, and more important check out Google maps to see property locations. The featured image slider was a very nice way to get invited into the site as well.

Style: This theme is downright one of the best real estate themes for WordPress that I’ve ever seen. Of course the demo pictures make it look better, but just the layout itself is phenomenal. If I was into real estate I’d definitely pick this theme up.

User Accessibility: Every house hunter would have a great time searching for homes on this real estate style theme. The browse listings feature on the right was super easy to use and the results returned were laid out beautifully. Very easy to use and a pleasure to look at as well.

Overall: A lot of other real estate themes I’ve seen have too much clutter, the Elegant Estate Theme is just right. 10 out of 10. Awesome theme for sure, I highly recommend this theme for any realtor looking to bring their listings to life.

Want a hands on experience? Demo the Elegant Estate Theme today!

eList Theme

eList Theme Ever wanted to create a directory based WordPress Theme? If so, then the eList Theme may be the right theme for you. Maybe you want to create some type of craigslist based online directory, or you just want a place for people to post cool ideas.

Whatever the reason, eList capabilities are definitely in place to fit your needs and then some. What’s even cooler about eList theme is that you can integrate an eCommerce setting to actually charge your users for new or featured listings. Always a good thing to monetize your traffic.

Style: Let’s be real for a second when it comes to directory listings. Craigslist practically pioneered the directory listing based website, then eBay caught up and made there’s a bit fancier. eList Theme is sort of between the both of them.

The actual design isn’t the greatest but neither is craigslist. I would have to say that a more simplified layout would work best. But if you’re looking to switch the style up a bit on how directory listing sights should look, the eList theme would be that change.

User Accessibility: Going back to the concept of the “original” directory listing style. It’s way easier to navigate around craigslist than it is around the eList theme. I have to admit that a blog roll and image gallery were pretty unnecessary.

Then again it really depends on what type of directory listing website you’re looking to put together. Either way, I would have liked things to be a lot more simplified for the user.

Overall: Overall I’ll have to give eList theme a rating of 6 out of 10. Love the eCommerce integration, hate the over complicated design. Maybe you’ll have a different opinion after you check out the eList Theme demo.

Boutique Theme

boutique theme Why host your products on another platform when you can have your very own store? Now you can with the Boutique Theme! One of the reasons I love the concept of running your own online store is that there’s no up front inventory.

Your store runs 24/7, 365 days out of the year whether you’re sleeping or on vacation. The power is truly beautiful. So if you’re selling your own high end boutique items, skateboards, sports equipment, or anything else – the Boutique Theme is a solid fit.

Style: This eCommerce WordPress theme has some quality style about it. The featured home slider is really simple and I like how you can change the background color. This is especially good if you’re looking to fit your websites color scheme for the seasons or for a specific cause. The boutique theme isn’t too packed with clutter either, which is something that you want when it comes to an eCommerce website.

User Accessibility: One of the things I was most impressed with was the shopping cart. This is the most important aspect of your online store when conducting business. You really want to make the process of checking out as easy as possible – the boutique theme does a great job with this.

Another bonus I saw was that each product is essentially it’s own blog post. This means that you can sell products based off of keywords and rank in the search engines. Definitely a huge advantage over other online store retailers. I didn’t like that there wasn’t a 1-click upsell integration.

Typically when you have your shopper about to checkout, making it easily accessible for them to make a quick purchase “on their way out” can mean a huge difference in sales. Other than that the navigation was very easy and any shopper would be pleased to spend money here.

Overall: 9 out of 10. Starting an online store? Test out the Boutique Theme.

DailyJournal Theme

dailyjournal theme If you’re looking to start a blog just to pour out your thoughts or daily experiences, then the DailyJournal Theme could definitely be what you’re looking for when it comes to an awesome personal blog theme.

From the start this journal-style theme gives the impression that you’re writing on faded paper. Another benefit is that everyone – if you want them to of course – can read it on any of their devices. The dailyjournal theme is a fully responsive WordPress theme.

This means that is will adjust it’s size to fit for iPhones, tablets, and even desktop and laptop devices.

Style: The simplicity yet home-type feeling this theme represents is awesome. It really does shout out “THIS IS MY PERSONAL BLOG!” The paper effect is a really awesome and unique distinction as well.

User Accessibility: The DailyJournal theme is your own personal-style blog theme. So I wouldn’t really say that user accessibility really matters in this case, unless of course you’re planning on sharing your content. For the most part, the theme is really easy to navigate.

Overall: 9 out of 10. The theme serves it’s purpose very well and anyone looking to start a personal blog would love this theme. Starting a personal blog? Check out the DailyJournal Theme here!

LightBright Theme

LightBright Theme If you’ve been looking for a Tumblr style WordPress theme, then the LightBright theme by Elegant Themes is exactly what you’re looking for! Being in the Tumblr space can be a bit too crowded, especially when you want to stand out from the crowd and do your own thing.

Well the LightBright theme makes you stand out away from Tumblr without losing the same feel and style. You can share videos, photo’s, and audio’s or posts “tumblr-style” without losing the overall WordPress functionality.

The LightBright theme really makes sharing your content that easy and appealing!

Style: This Tumblr Style WordPress Theme is just what a fun person needs if they want to share their life in a fun looking way. I really love the cool little icons above each post. For an image it has the image thumbnail, video for video, and so on. Really cool little aesthetic feature.

User Accessibility: This blog theme was made to be simple and that’s exactly how it functions. You’ve got your recent posts on the side, as well as your blog roll. I really like the coo little share button on the right hand side of the post. While I’d like those share buttons to show when you click into the post, I’m sure you can adjust the features to make that happen for more social sharing opportunities.

Overall: I’m personally not a huge fan of Tumblr but a lot of people are! If you’re someone who is or just want a fun looking theme to share your life in pictures and videos, then the LightBright Theme may be for you! 8 out of 10!

InReview Theme

InReview Theme If you’re someone who does a ton of online reviews, then the InReview Theme may be the right theme for you. I mean this theme was built to do reviews, so why wouldn’t you go with it?

For starters everything is nicely laid out and even has ratings, which is way more appealing to your end user. And the best part, is there’s actually buttons integrated for you to make sales off of the products you review.

Very awesome feature if you ask me. This way you aren’t just sending traffic away with cheap Google Adsense ads.

Style: The style is definitely there with this review-style WordPress Theme. The one thing I wish it has was less menu’s at the top. But I think that Elegant Themes did this for demo purposes. Hopefully you’re only reviewing in a specific niche and not all over the place. Aside from that the aesthetics of the website are shown in the fine details from the buttons to the line breaks. Very nicely done.

User Accessibility: What you see is what you get. There are no hidden nook’s or cranny’s with this theme. Very easy to navigate. I’d like to see a feature where the users could actually rate it. Maybe I just didn’t see it.

Overall: This is a great theme to start a review site with, as you grow your audience, you can definitely upgrade it. 7 out of 10. Thinking of starting a review based website? Check out the InReview Theme!

AskIt Theme

askit theme If you’re looking for a Q&A WordPress Theme, then the AskIt Theme may be a great place to start! Not only can you still have a fully functional blog, you can also have your very own question and answer section to serve all of your visitors!

And you don’t have to be the one answering all the questions since the website will be user driven! There’s also a very cool vote feature that allows questions to be open until it’s voted as solved by the rest of your community.

Style: The style is pretty bland but what would you expect with a standard Q&A based website?

User Accessibility: The HUGE “submit a question” button immediately stares at you upon visiting the site. Which is cool because you want the website to run itself. As soon as I clicked it, it took me to a registration page!

This is great because you’re not only getting more registered users, you’re also building up your email list – this is a HUGE plus. Very easy to use theme, highly enjoyed browsing around it.

Overall: 8 out of 10. Thinking of starting a review website? Check out the AskIt Theme!

Event Theme

event theme

If you’re planning on starting an events website, then Event Theme may be a good fit for you. Event is a blog/event calendar website. This would be a really cool site to have if you were into event planning or even musical artist planning.

Style: I wasn’t too impressed with the actual style of the event theme but that’s just my honest opinion. Especially with today’s awesome web 2.0 standard, a little facelift could be used on this theme from Nick Roach and his Elegant Themes staff.

What really impressed me as far as style (this is a good part) was the actual events page. It features a Google map, with show information, location, and even a button that allows you to go purchase your ticket.

This is especially great if you’re looking to monetize your event theme website.

User Accessibility: What you have here is a basic blog interface with a bit of calendar customizations. The calendar parts are pretty cool and is definitely noteworthy. Very easy to navigate.

Overall: The event theme does the job. It’s not too over the top in terms of the design but it is versatile as it combines both the blog and event planning blend. 7 out of 10.

Demo the Event Theme here.

DailyNotes Theme

DailyNotes theme

Nick Roach made this theme personal. His overall goal of the DailyNotes Theme was to create a simple yet elegant theme that allowed you to share your daily life.

With that being said, let’s get into the review and see if this is a theme that will serve you well!

Style: The style of the DailyNotes Theme is super simple. The blog layout has been entirely taken out yet it’s still a really cool way to navigate. If you don’t believe me see for yourself.

I’m really impressed with this simple minimalist blog design.

User Accessibility: Seeing as how this is a personal blog designed theme, I’m not sure who you’d actually be sharing your information with. With that being said, whoever did visit your site would not have a hard time navigating.

If anything, not having the traditional blog layout actually makes it easier to navigate. It’s actually pretty entertaining as well to see something new that doesn’t look like everything else out there.

Overall: 9 out of 10.

Thinking of starting a personal blog? The DailyNotes theme could serve you well. Demo here.

MyProduct Theme

myproduct theme

Got a product or service? Need to promote it? Well you’re in luck because the MyProduct Theme was designed to do just that. What I really love about this theme is it’s not just a sales page.

You’re given the option to build awareness to your product with blog posts. This is a great approach if you’re looking to do some organic search engine optimization to bring free traffic to your product site.

Style: The style is hands down brilliant. The first thing that jumped out to me was the product and that it was interchanging. This is a really cool feature that attracts the eye.

The entire concept of having your product built around a blog design is pretty cool too. Kudos to the elegant themes staff for that fun twist.

User Accessibility: Whenever you build a website on a blogging design, you can never go wrong with user navigation and accessibility. Everything was really smooth right from the get go.

I really also enjoyed how the main customer concerns – services, team developers, frequently asked questions, testimonials – were right there on the front page. This way the user didn’t have to go anywhere else or search all over the place to find some answers.

Overall: 8 out of 10.

Thinking of selling your own product or service? Demo the MyProduct Theme.

DelicateNews Theme

DelicateNews Theme

The DelicateNews Theme is a magazine-style WordPress theme. If you’re looking to create an online magazine and want something that catches the eye, then this design might be what you’re looking for. What I like most from this theme is that it isn’t too cramped together like you see with most other magazine type themes.

It does lack some color or a background, but that’s something that you can easily take care of when you get the theme. Depending on what type of magazine website you’re looking to start, I’d recommend you add some color to make this theme pop as it’s sort of bland. However, if you’re going for a minimalist WordPress theme look, this could be a great choice.

Style: The style with this theme looks, as I said earlier, very bland. Once again however, if you’re going for a clutter-less look then this might be a good choice. It really comes down to personal preference and what you’re looking for in a theme. I really did like the images on the homepage that are sort of in a tile formation, that looks pretty cool and was appealing to the eye.

User Accessibility: From a first time browsers perspective, this WordPress theme is very easy to navigate around and it’s something I expected since it’s one of Elegant Themes earlier themes. What you see is what you get: meaning it’s really easy for users to navigate.

Overall: DelicateNews gets a ViaMaverick rating of 6 out of 10. I really wasn’t wowed and was really disappointed that there wasn’t any ad spaces available to include some Google Adsense or Banner Advertisements for monetization purposes. After all, what good is a magazine-styled website that gets millions of views per month if you aren’t monetizing it?

Disagree with my rating? See the live demo here and decide for yourself.

TheProfessional Theme

TheProfessional Theme

Elegant Themes did a great job when they created TheProfessional Theme. The main idea behind this professional theme was one thing: simplicity without all of the extra features that you typically see on the homepage of other websites.

There are three super short blurbs on the home page complimented by a sleek design, that will surely make your visitors stay a pleasant one. The main slide is also a great addition for design purposes, but for also a clear call to action for when your visitors first arrive on your website – a must have for any professional website.

Style: Most professional themes that I’ve seen have a ton of clutter. They want you to click on their banner advertisements, have pop-up’s coming from every which way, and can even sometimes come off as super spammy. This theme however does none of the three.

TheProfessional Theme handles itself quite well. When first arriving to the website I was impressed and drawn to the featured slider. This is a great attention grabber to get your users to take action.

User Accessibility: As mentioned above, the featured slider instantly caught my attention. This is something that every great website does. The entire focus of the main page is to get you to take action.

If your visitor doesn’t click your slider, they will navigate to the bottom and check out one of the three blurbs (I did this without even noticing it), if they don’t click that then their next action is to browse the main navigation menus. Either way, your user is taking action. Great job by Elegant Themes.

Overall: If you have a professional business and are looking for a professional looking WordPress theme, I’d highly recommend checking out TheProfessional Theme. 9 out of 10 rating. If there is one thing I would leave you with, make sure you have professional looking images made to add to your featured sliders, as they are an important part in catching the eye of your visitors.

Like TheProfessional Theme? See the live demo here.

The Corporation Theme

The Corporation Theme


The Corporation Theme is a super nice WordPress theme that any corporate headquarters would be happy to have. Not only is it super sleek, but it’s also got a “web 2.0” type of sleek professional look to it.

What better way to make your business stand out than with a nice featured slider to grab your visitors attention? This is a very professional looking WordPress theme that is sure to impress any business person or future client.

Style: Right from the get go I love the way the colors fade from the featured slider, down to the footer at the very bottom. It’s got sort of a gradient overlay that is really unique from a lot of other websites. This gives the corporation theme great texture and makes it stand out from other business type websites.

Then you have the mini square thumbnails in the middle of the page that navigates the user to a descriptive page. This is a great way to take your visitor from one page to the next without making it boring.

What I don’t like is the “About Us” and “From The Blog” sections towards the end of the home page. I didn’t think that looked very professional but I’m sure you can easily remove that section or at least spice it up when you try out The Corporation Theme.

The big yellow call to action button on the slider is awesome, and again the footer towards the bottom is perfect. Very well put together in terms of aesthetics.

User Accessibility: What you see is what you get with this professional looking theme. There’s basically a home page that directs you to all of the other important business pages in the form of a blog view.

Once you click onto any of the links, you’re provided with a sidebar that makes navigation super easy. Overall, the Corporation theme is very easy to navigate and I can’t see any navigation issues happening.

Overall: I really do like the Corporation theme but I wish there was a section for the business to collect emails. I’m sure this can be added in with a few simple customizations. Overall 8 out of 10.

Do you own a business? Check out The Corporation Theme Live Demo.

Glider Theme

Glider Theme

If you want a unique looking personal blog theme, Glider theme might be right for you. With a super modernized look and feel, Glider does not disappoint. Not only does Glider have an awesome looking blog theme, but it also has a portfolio section that you can display your images on if you want to display some of your personal work or imagery.

Style: The style of the Glider Theme is awesome. I love the wood-grain look on the left hand side of the home page. One thing I was not expecting was the glider effect (hence the name Glider Theme) that happens when you click on a link. It’s a really cool effect, try it out here.

User Accessibility: Simplicity is key with any good WordPress theme, this is exactly what Glider theme offers. It’s unique yet simple to navigate layout is definitely something that your visitors would be pleased with. Definitely one of the better experiences online in terms of a personal blog.

Overall: Call my review bias but I love the Glider theme. 10 out of 10. Try the live demo version for yourself and see if you love it as much as I do.

Elegant Themes Review: Video Update!

{ 29 comments… add one }
  • Justin June 29, 2013, 2:24 pm


    I was wondering if you have to buy each of the themes individually or do you just get them all if you buy the $39 dollar thing? Is it a monthly payment though?


    • Chris Altamirano June 29, 2013, 2:28 pm


      Glad you asked that question. A lot of people tend to get a bit confused.

      The $39 is a one time payment that recurs once per year! So no monthly fee’s, just a one time payment!

      Hope this helps!

      – Chris

  • james July 25, 2013, 10:22 am

    Is there an elegant theme that is a good blend of magazine or blog style, accommodates videos and yet is primarily to sell one product…so e-commerce ready?

    • Chris Altamirano July 25, 2013, 11:35 am


      If you’re on a Mac, hit Command + F to bring up the finder on this page, then search for eStore. The eStore theme is a solid eCommerce ready theme.

      As far as something that accommodates both Video and is targeted at selling one product. I’d recommend trying out Foxy Theme.

      Elegant Themes has a great support forum and I’m sure embedding a video player would be pretty easy to do.

      Hope this helps!

      – Chris

      • James July 25, 2013, 11:49 am

        You are amazing. Thanks so much

        • Chris Altamirano July 25, 2013, 11:51 am

          For sure dude!

          • James July 25, 2013, 4:47 pm

            Final question. Is it possible or advisable to develop a front-end ecommerce setup using something like Foxy or MyProduct and then for those people who want to see all the videos, testimonials, medical research and technical background (of the medical product i am selling) create a backend link to a DIFFERENT elegant theme like Nexus or aggregate which allows lots of multimedia and optimized for blog, articles, videos, etc. ?Or should one just try to customize the ONE e-commerce site for videos, etc. knowing that it really wasn’t designed for versatility?

          • Chris Altamirano July 26, 2013, 12:49 pm

            Once you’ve gotten in with Elegant Themes, visit their support forum and you’ll have all of your questions answered. A lot of times other Elegant Themes users have the same questions as you! Good luck! 🙂

  • Dan July 27, 2013, 1:19 pm

    I have to agree with your 9 out of 10 rating for the Aggregate theme. It’s a really well polished theme that deserves the praise you give it.

    There were a couple of things I wanted to fix / change about the theme, such as removing the double column display of sub menus, fixing the logo sizing for mobile devices and fixing a bug which forced the sidebar to the bottom of the page when zoomed.

    Fortunately, the clean design of the theme made this really easy to handle, as I’ve outlined here:

    • Chris Altamirano July 27, 2013, 1:23 pm

      Thanks Dan! And I’m sure the ViaMaverick audience will appreciate your link to do a few customizations.

      Thanks for your comment dude! Cheers!

  • Brandy August 29, 2013, 4:51 pm

    This is great information! I am so new to blogging…! Would you have any recommendations with themes? I suppose from your review Explorable, Aggregate and Nimble stood out the most. I want to start adding “missionary bios” and consistently upload videos to a blog that will consist of stories internationally and locally with a divers population of people who are able to post. Its really just to shares and keep up to date with opportunities.
    If you could give me your input it would be greatly appreciated! I like the idea of Explorable in which you could click on a location and pull the information on who and what is going on at that location . BUT I do not like how its on the “main page” and it looks like google maps.
    Thank you.

    • Chris Altamirano August 29, 2013, 5:13 pm

      Welcome to the ViaMaverick blog Brandy!

      From the three Elegant Themes you mentioned, the theme I personally like the best is Nimble theme. It’s just a really fun looking wordpress theme and the actual blog section looks very unique with the circular icons (blog posts).

      Explorable is also a cool looking theme, but it’s more of a magazine-style wordpress theme so I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for.

      Hands down the best advice I can give is to keep browsing around Elegant Themes. They have amazing support and you’ll be sure to get any and every question that you have answered.

      Good luck with everything Brandy, thanks again for leaving your comment 🙂

      – Chris

  • Frank September 7, 2013, 7:03 pm

    I am a current Elegant Themes user. I agree the themes are wonderful and somewhat easy to use for a novice once you get started. The problem I have with Elegant Themes is their poor support system for when you run into a glitch or real problem with the operation of your website. There is no one to call (no phone numbers given. No live chat to discuss problem situation. Everything is done thru forum emails. I have a problem now. I post it on the forum and no one form the company responds for days. I get responses from other user but not from the company. If you are operating a productive business this type of support can put you out of business. At this point I may have to find another provider because my site is not functioning because of my inability to update needed elements. Look at the support structure before selecting a cheaper provider.

    • Chris Altamirano October 18, 2013, 3:22 pm


      I totally understand where you’re coming from. It can be super frustrating trying to get the support you need, especially when you’re working on getting your website to look a certain way.

      I’ve been in your shoes before and playing the waiting game sucks.

      One thing I’ve found to help out a lot is to understand that no business is perfect. Apple, Microsoft, Best Buy, Google, i.e. companies all get complaints.

      Everyone that’s a business owner – both big and small/online and offline – are doing the best work that they can with the staff that they have.

      As far as online support forums go, typically 1 to 2 days is a normal response time for getting your questions answered.

      Also, it’s quite possible that some questions you may have with Elegant Themes are common questions that other users have had as well.

      This means that a lot of your questions have probably already been answered, which could be another reason why the staff isn’t so quick to jump to answer them.

      Thanks again for your comment, hope this clears up any confusion.

      – Chris 🙂

      • israel unger February 2, 2014, 12:38 am

        @Chris – you conclude with your reply with “hope this clears up any confusion”. This statement always bothers me. Why? It implies that we don’t know what we are talking about! We are not confused. We (I along with Frank and others) want more than what is offered. We’ve expressed that. You’ve responded with an explanation of why it isn’t provided but the point is that it isn’t provided. There is no confusion. There is a difference in opinion of what should be provided. I’m in my trial period and will give the support system a try but if it isn’t what i expect then i will not continue. I don’t need explanations. I need timely solutions. That means timely according to my needs. Let’s see how it goes. Fingers crossed!

        btw. everything else you said is true. But remember we are always looking for a company that does better than the others!

        • Chris Altamirano February 3, 2014, 1:01 am


          Totally understand what you mean. Thanks for the detailed reply!

  • Sophie October 27, 2013, 1:17 pm

    Hi Chris,
    thanks for your article.
    I am very new to wordpress and still don’t get to which extend elegant themes can be customized. For example if I choose the Chameleon template, will I be able to include a page for online payment? Will that be difficult (considering I am a total novice)?
    Also, would it allow me to build it in 2 languages?

    • Chris Altamirano October 27, 2013, 2:36 pm


      Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you got a lot of value out of it. Elegant Themes is more or less customizable in certain areas, if you’re looking to do a full on customization (starting from scratch), I’d recommend going with The Thesis Theme instead.

      I would have to recommend however, seeing how you are a beginner, that Elegant Themes would probably be your best option. One of the most time consuming things in the early stages of getting started online is website design. I highly recommend NOT getting caught up in that so much.

      Choose one of the premium WordPress themes that Elegant Themes has to offer and get started right away. The technicalities (translating your website into another language) will usually solve itself out later.

      Payment buttons are really easy to add also, you can see this post here for more information on how to do that.

      Hope that helps! 😀

  • Sam November 2, 2013, 2:37 pm

    Hi. Thanks for this detailed writeup.

    A couple questions…

    1. I do not like the little arrows that protrude out from some of the pages in the navbars of most of these themes. (I’m guessing that they indicate the presence of parent pages.) Is there any way to disable this “feature”?

    2. After having paid for something (and I’m sure that the expense for real functionality far exceeds $39), I have no wish to promote it. How are the Wordpress and Elegant Themes credit links removed from the footer?

    3. I’m a perfectionist, yet I know next to nothing about creating websites (HTML, etc.) Does Elegant Themes provide paid support? I’m happy to pay for effective help.


    PS: You seem very conscientious about responding to people’s questions. I’m sure everyone appreciates this.

    • Chris Altamirano November 4, 2013, 4:31 pm


      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

      1. I think what you’re talking about (the arrows) is referred to as breadcrumbs. I’m pretty sure there’s a way to disable that feature on each individual Elegant Theme, see the support forum for more information.

      2. To get rid of your Elegant Themes promotional link, you would find that in the custom.css file or the footer.css/footer.php file. Search for Elegant Themes by pressing Command + F (this will bring up the find feature) and then delete that code accordingly.

      3. Elegant Themes provides support to all of their paying customers and most of the common WordPress Theme questions that you’re seeking have probably been answered way ahead of time. So I’m sure (really sure!) that you’ll find the exact answers that you’re looking for.

      Like you, I had absolutely no knowledge of CSS or HTML when I first got started online. When I did decided to finally build a blog, their framework made the most sense to me as everything was already a pre-built premium wordpress theme: it just made sense and any questions that I had (and I had a ton of questions) I found an answer to in the support forums. They’re pretty speedy with their replies as well.

      Hope this helps Sam!

  • Jen January 2, 2014, 7:10 am

    Great article!

    2 questions: Will you be reviewing the new Divi Theme soon? I work for a nonprofit that needs LOTS of options for customization and different page layouts. Divi looks like it just may work. Wanted to know your awesome opinion on it!

    Next ? – Do you think it is worth it to purchase the one time lifetime membership of $249? And why?


    • Chris Altamirano January 2, 2014, 3:13 pm


      I will most definitely be reviewing the Divi Theme. After taking a quick glance at it, I’m already impressed with the customization capabilities! I’ll get a Divi Theme Review up very soon!

      As far as purchasing a lifetime Elegant Themes membership goes, I really think it depends on the type of work you do.

      Basic Package – Great for someone who’s building their own personal website and/or blog.
      Developer Package – Great for someone who builds multiple websites (like you and me). But whom also want all of the basic photoshop files that come along with the theme. It’s a great advantage over going to GettyImages or iStockphoto and paying an extra premium for other images when you can just get them up front.
      Lifetime Access – Again, great for developers and something I think is worth the investment if you’re going to be in the web design/freelance design business for many years to come. And with the internet really still at it’s infancy, you can probably bet that this business is going to be along for a very long time to come.

      Additionally, Elegant Themes has consistently stepped their game up and provided awesome layouts. Their prices have stayed the same so I think it’s a really great deal. The Developer Package or Lifetime Access are both great options. But if you’re going to be in this business for the next 3-5 years, then the Lifetime Access just makes sense mathematically speaking. If you’re only going to be in it for 1-2 more years, then maybe just pick up the Developer Package. Really just comes down to personal preference Jen! 😀

      Thanks for stopping by, I’ll have that Divi Theme Review up for you shortly! 😀

      – Chris

  • Rodrigo February 14, 2014, 8:27 am

    I’ve tested the Divi them in a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10″.
    When in landscape position, the menu is not colapsed, just like in a desktop. The problem is when you need to tap a subitem. When you tap “Modules” it doesn’t open like when you hover it with a mouse.
    I don’t know if it can easly be changed but it sad that it’s not just like a Boostrap colapse menu.


    • Chris Altamirano February 14, 2014, 4:25 pm

      Thanks for those insights Rodigo. I’m sure a lot of Elegant Themes users
      and future clients will be happy to know this.

      Cheers dude!

  • Allen Taylor October 30, 2014, 4:56 am

    Great review. The type of theme I’d love to find, and I’ve been looking for a couple of years, is one that incorporates the best features of a magazine-style theme and the best features of an e-commerce theme. I call it a Publisher’s theme. I run literary websites and sell e-books, so a theme that will allow me to feature the best free content in magazine style while pointing visitors to the books I publish would be an awesome find.

    • Chris Altamirano October 31, 2014, 8:39 pm

      Thanks Allen! Elegant Themes has a quality Magazine WordPress theme that’s pretty impressive. Definitely check it out!

  • chand January 5, 2015, 1:00 am

    I got my first paid theme from Elegant themes and was so impressed. Everything about it was perfect.

    I wonder why they didn’t call it outstanding themes, because that’s what they are for me and any website.

    • Chris Altamirano January 8, 2015, 3:56 pm

      Thanks for the comment Chan!

  • Raman Gutyan March 6, 2016, 10:04 pm

    Thanks for your such a nice post.
    I was searching for the same topic, “Stunning looking site” and tapped to your site. This was a great review by you…
    Regards: Raman


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